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    Okay. Here it is!
    Name: Mizu to daichi

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Nationality: Brilliant Star

    Role: Magic user, I guess.


    Ocean's Fury- Mizu uses the Balance Scepter to lift water up into the air and shoot it at the opponent

    Earth's Rage- Using the Balance Scepter to break the ground, Mizu shoot chunks of rock at the enemy.

    Night's Anger: Mizu only uses this in desperate times. She draws a star shape with the Balance Scepter, making a void of the same shape and shooting fire-surrounded stars the chase the opponent.

    Weapons: Mizu uses the Balance Scepter, a large staff-like stick that has a fancy golden handle and a claw at one end that holds a pure white sphere that powers the scepter.

    Pokemon: An female Eevee named Densetsu. She also has a few Dragonair friends that wait for her back at her home, and she has used everstones on them to make them their beautiful selves forever, so that they are the same when she returns.


    Normal outfit-

    Mizu has black eyes, a normal skin tone, and black hair that is tied into a ponytail by a pink ribbon. She wears a purple kimono with a inside red cloth, the kimono itself has light yellow flowers for a pattern. On her kimono's back is a thick magenta ribbon with white and dark magenta stripes tied in a bow. Also, even though you normally can't see them, Mizu has traditional sandles on her feet.


    Battle/magic outfit-

    In battle, Mizu can warp into her magic outfit. The pink ribbon in her hair gets thinner and longer, trailing behind her when she walks. Her hair is also tied into two mini-ponytails in the front with bell hairpieces. Mizu changes into a priestess robe of a different color-the white top is pink and the red bottom is a dark cyan color. She still keeps the sandles, though.


    Personality: Mizu is a caring woman who does not care about honor like the rest of Brilliant Star. She doesn't see the point in wanting to be important, and only wants to make others happy. She loves her Eevee, and her Dragonair friends as well, though they are back at her home. But Mizu isn't someone you want to provoke. She is a tough girl who will protect herself if it is needed. So don't try to mess with her Dragonair buddies, even when she isn't around...

    Anyway, Mizu has a very strong heart, and wielding the sacred Balance Scepter, she can be pretty tough to beat. But she will still help her friends and family if required.

    History: As a young girl, Mizu was exploring in the forest with her Eevee, when she got lost. Scared and nervous, Mizu hid in a tree and decided to wait until daylight. Soon, however, she noticed a light far away, a pure light. Getting out of the tree and walking over, she saw five Dragonairs dancing in the moonlight and glowing. One noticed Mizu, and guided her and Eevee out of the forest. However, a Houndoom blocked their path. Trying to attack Mizu, the sun rised, and Densetsu (her Eevee) suddenly attacked the Houndoom with her first physical attacks (she only knew Helping Hand at first, and still knows it) and saved her owner. Happy her pokemon had learned a battle move, Mizu went home and introduced her new friends to her parents, who thanked them for finding their daughter.

    Once she became 10, Mizu was exploring in the forest again with her Espeon and Dragonair friends, when she found a small cave. A few swordsmen were in there, surrounding a strange stick with a jewel inside a small container. The Balance Scepter. Apparently, none of the men could pick it up. Feeling something pull it towards her, Mizu walked towards it, despite the protests from the swordsmen.

    She picked up the scepter.

    Everyone was surprised she did it, especially Mizu. Realizing that the Dragonair were the protecters of the scepter and must have chosen her for her bravery to go out of her hiding place to see them, the men allowed her to keep the Balance Scepter and train with it.

    Once she became 15, Mizu's parents allowed her to leave home. Deciding to leave the Dragonairs at home, Mizu swore to them she would return someday, and used the everstones to keep them as Dragonairs forever. She is now a loner, simply wandering where she can with her Eevee. Hearing about the festival and the compotition, however, Mizu decided to enter with Eevee and the Balance Scepter.
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