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    I'll be working on a SU soon, hopefully have it up by tonight.

    Edit: Here it is.

    Hope my SU is acceptable, I tried to hit every point as well as I could. If any form of clarification is needed, or adjustments made, please let me know. :D

    Name: Chan-juan Wei (Pseudonym of just “Chan”)

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Nationality: Blazing Sun

    Role: Martial Artist

    Balletic Blaziken Style: A style similar to that of Capoeira in today’s society. The form incorporates a more graceful style, focusing more on speed and evasive maneuvers of acrobatics. The main attacking style of BBS, is to focus more on moments of opportunity. Leg sweeps, swirling kicks and a tendency to rely on leverage. The style of BBS is also reliant on constant movement, the ability to keep the target confused and never presented with a stationary target. It is very much like a well choreographed dance. It is weak to a predictive opponent, one who is not easily flustered or has great defense against leg strikes.

    Concealed / Small Weaponry: Expertise with weapons not perceivable immediately to the naked eye. Such things include hidden blades and other forms of small weaponry.

    Grifter: An expert deceiver and manipulator. Her lies are almost impossible to separate from truth and as a result can become “all things to all people.”

    Weapons: Hidden blades on her wrists, concealed by her sleeves. Small, but effective with precise strikes.

    Pokemon: Larvesta (A female by the name of Mei Li.)

    Appearance: Solid, lithe built young woman. Her body is compact and dense from many years of training, yet retained its graceful shape on her 5’6” frame. Her most unusual bright red hair is cut in the short Pixie style. Her large green eyes sit upon a slender nose, average size mouth, and pale skin tone. She wears no makeup and does not try to accentuate or try to draw notice to her gender at all, in fact she tries to hide it. Her garb is a black traditional male Chinese robe, white shirt, and gray pants underneath, accented with a red sash around the waist. Her chest is suppressed by heavy duty medical bandage, wound so tightly that she is perceived as flat when dressed and shoulders filled out with sewn in padding on her outfits. Much to her chagrin, the genetic lottery decided to play a cruel joke on her. Her hair and eyes have a way of making her stand out in a most uncomfortable way among her people. She was often ridiculed for the exceedingly rare colors of her body.

    Personality: Fiery and determined. Stubborn beyond belief and curt to the point of rudeness. Chan has become fiercely independent and abhors being told what to do. A lot of this behavior is part of an act however, but underneath rests an exposed nerve. One that has suffered a life time of tragedy and persecution in a fraction of the time. If ever her facade is broken, people would see the person she truly is and was meant to be. Sweet and caring, natural sensitivity that has been repressed and pushed by the wayside, never to be seen by strangers or public. Her mental conditioning has pushed her to act very masculine when in character, her mannerisms, voice, everything. Only her Pokemon see her for what she is, and only in privacy.

    Her passion for what she does is second to none, an unwavering perseverance to better herself and her Pokemon. She has a keen sense of justice, even if, ironically, she has to lie and cheat to make right. Those who pick on the weak are dead to her, those people have no place in her world. She will never hesitate to let them know it either.

    History: Chan was born into a family of seven, one of three girls, the others boys. Her mother was very controlling and insistent upon her learning and perfecting matronly duties. It grated on Chan to no end during her developmental years. She found such compulsory behavior sexist and archaic. The whole establishment seemed unjust and ridiculous. She had heard whispers of female soldiers and martial artists in the ranks of Blazing Sun throughout the land. It was allegedly rare however, and if she had to assume, a rather rough existence and pariah inducing.

    She practiced day in and day out with her brothers when she was young. They ridiculed her to no end, and in many cases, severely injured her. She never told her mother where such an injury came from, there was always some other alternative story. A broken arm was a bad slip into a river or a broken leg was from falling out of a tree. Her brothers, probably for fear of repercussions, never told on her to mother. It wasn’t long until she was good, very good. Upon reaching her teenage years, she was routinely able to beat her brothers with a combination of grace and athleticism. She would wear them down with evasion, then go in for the pin.

    Her father had never been a loving one, always keeping his family at arms length. He was a drinker and a gambler. In fact, the only time Chan got to hear some of her father’s stories, was when he was plastered. His death wasn’t exactly a surprising or depressing death for those who knew him. He stumbled out of the gambling den one night, drunk out of his skull as he wandered into a nearby Tauros ranch. A short stampede later and Chan was permanently as fatherless as she always was.

    The time came for her to make a major life decision. She enlisted in the warrior ranks of her nation, not as a woman but as a man. She tried her best to conceal her appearance. Cutting the once long and beautiful mane of hair to a shadow of its former self. (Another excuse was thought of to explain the sudden disappearance of hair.) She worked for months to master the deception in secret. She didn’t want to be known as the best “female” warrior. She wanted to be known as the best warrior, regardless of prejudice.

    The day arrived when she had to leave home, the lie to her mother being that she was going to master some form of herbal healing. She enlisted at her earliest convenience, fake name and disguise firmly in place. Even dressed as a boy, her appearance was at best androgynous. It was enough to get by however, even if it did cause her to suffer ridicule at the hands of the true males. It wasn’t long before she was commissioned her first Pokemon, a remarkably mild mannered and reserved Larvesta. She privately named her Mei Li, which contrary to her current appearance meant beautiful. It was more for her benefit, a subtle nod to hidden beauty, wherever it may reside.
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