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    Of Vices and Virtues [M]

    GMs: The warden & TornZero
    Reboot of Seven Deadly Sins

    For months the atmosphere in your house has been tense, to say the least, after all you have applied for one of the most prestigious schools in the UK (and the world in general). Your parents are likely acting something like this, an over excited dad, “Oh. I'm so proud of you," and a worried sick mum, “How will you cope without us?” or “What if you haven't been accepted?” Somewhere in the middle is where you are, a balance of stress and excitement as you look forward to a life without your neurotic parents.

    But in the last few weeks you have begun to feel like a different person entirely. It isn't the stress of what's been happening, it's something much stranger. Firstly you seem to be having weird dreams, dreams where you are either an angel, or an evil creature, you may even shapeshift back and forth between the two. Second, you have felt your personality change, like bipolarity between destruction and the desire to do good. All of this however has gone unmentioned to your parents -- or anyone else for that matter, as you have much bigger things to worry about at the moment.

    Then it arrived, the day that would change everything.

    It probably started like any other day, but on that day a very important letter arrived, addressed to you. It was the day that you (or at least your parents) had waited for for so long, and if it wasn't you who had then it was definitely your parents (who were pushing you to open the letter). The letter seemed like a regular one, it was a brown envelope with a first class stamp on the front and on the back was stamped a seal, the school logo of St. Jude's. You had worked long and hard to prove that you were good enough to get into St. Jude's, weeks of revision followed by a gruelling three hour entrance exam and an interview with a member of the staff. It's common knowledge that an education at St. Jude's could be life-changing, but at the time you opened the envelope you didn't realize how much it would change yours.

    Dear Student,

    We would like to congratulate you on your successful application to St. Jude's boarding school.

    On behalf of the school I welcome all new and returning students, and would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the time table of the opening week.

    Wednesday 5th September – School accommodations open, and students are allowed to begin living in their dorms.

    Friday 7th September – Orientation

    Monday 10th September – Lessons begin

    All the other information that you will require is included in the following documents, but should you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to email us at [email protected].

    Yours faithfully,
    J. Kindle BS PhD MTh MEd, headmaster of St. Jude's Boarding School

    Accepted Characters

    Rules and Guidelines

    1. The PokéCommunity site and RPC rules are to be obeyed at all times.

    2. This RP is rated at PG-16[M], and everyone is expected to abide by this rating. This may include the mention of drugs, mild blood and gore, swearing, violence and suggestion of sexual themes. Anything further is prohibited.

    3. There will be no bunnying or godmoding allowed. You may, however, take control of another player's character if they give you permission.

    4. This will be a rather long RP. (It ends near the Christmas holidays in-game.) If you know that you are not able to keep it up for the entirety, refrain from signing up. If your leave is only temporary, please refer to rule 3 so someone can take over in your absence in the case that your character must keep up in the plot.

    5. Proper grammar and spelling are expected, along with more than enough information and detail to meet the 100-word minimum. If you are really struggling to come up with something, then make a joint post with someone else or ask for a random plot device to be sent your way. (If you have too much trouble, we'll assume you're just being lazy and probably throw you out.)

    6. If you have any questions concerning the RP itself, just ask, either in here or PMs with the GMs.

    7. This RP takes place in England, so for anybody who is not informed on the British education system it's recommended you take a look; it will make things much easier. Also, research the sin and virtue that you pick.

    8. There will be no reservations. If this is ignored and another player submits a character sheet for your desired Sin or Virtue (even if they submit theirs after yours, as long as we haven't accepted yours yet), they will be regarded before you. You will not be notified unless you complain, in which case you will be redirected to this particular rule. :D If you fall victim to ignoring this particular rule, you are still free to make another Sin/Virtue combination.

    9. The GMs are God. >:D If we see something that can be an issue, we will likely bring it up in private. Deal with it.

    The Seven Deadly Sins

    Avarice (Greed)

    Avarice can take one of two forms, firstly it can be greed, the need to horde vast amounts of money and to profit from everything. An alternate view of avarice is the senseless spending of money on pointless things just to have them. If you pick avarice you can use either or both of these in your character. Opposite of Charity.


    Envy is the desire to have what others have, or to see it taken from them. When afflicted by envy one will want to take away what they don't believe others should have. To accomplish this, one will likely lie, steal and in general cause a great deal of upset just to satisfy their own jealousy. Opposite of Kindness.


    Gluttony is over-consumption, eating far too much is the normal take on this sin. But simply eating a lot does not make it gluttony, it must be excessive to the point where there is waste. There are also many other ways to interpret gluttony instead of the classical interpretation of eating and drinking to excess. Opposite of Temperance.


    Lust is an insatiable desire for pleasure. It could be sex that they desire, drugs or something else (even collecting stamps), but in general they crave whatever makes them feel good. Opposite of Chastity.


    Pride is considered the worst of sins by putting oneself higher than anything. It is their belief that they are better than others (and at many times even God Himself) and are driven to prove it to the world. How pride affects someone depends on who they are, and there are quite a few ways to portray it. Opposite of Humility.


    Sloth is not doing, laziness, it is the sin of not having the drive to get on and do anything. This person will give up on their work without missing a beat, they will do whatever they can to get out of making an effort. Opposite of Diligence.


    Wrath is simply the sin of anger, and this person will only find solace in its expression in some form. Opposite of Patience.

    The Seven Heavenly Virtues


    Charity is the virtue of giving and sacrifice, who ever has charity will be inspired to help others who have less than themselves, to truly be charity though this must go to the extreme of sacrificing their own comfort to help others. Opposite of Greed.


    Kindness is being friendly to everyone no matter who they are. The kind person will greet everyone with a warm smile and help them in their time of need, unlike charity this will be by actually helping and not giving. Opposite to Envy.


    Temperance is a strong sense of justice and great deal of self control. They will know what is right, what is wrong and do their very best to pick the right and fair choice. Opposite to gluttony.


    Chastity is a lack of temptation. This person will see temptation but will know that they need to resist it. To some their lack of temptation may seem naïve but it is a sign of true maturity. Opposite to Lust.


    Humility never wants to be the centre of attention, they will likely enjoy living a quite life and be very well mannered. Through being humble this person has realised that they don't need to prove themselves to anyone in order to live a happy life. Opposite to Pride.


    Diligence is the virtue of hard work. Diligence may not be the smartest but they always work the hardest to make up for it. Opposite to Sloth.


    Patience is the virtue of peace, of taking the time to fully evaluate everything. The patient person realises that violence doesn't solve problems, they will almost always search for alternatives to violence in solving any problem. Opposite to Wrath.

    Sign-Up Sheet



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    II: Holy Form




    III: Hell Form



    Sign-Up Sheet

    "Normal" Students