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    Name: Meixiang (Mei) Ling
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: Blazing Sun
    Role: Pyromancer


    Pyromancy: Can control flame. This can be as basic as combustion or as chaotic as a firestorm. She is still learning, however, and is basically a rookie (she can only use simple skills at the start of the rp, but has potential to grow). It works by her storing fire within her body, then releasing it in some way. She can replenish her fire with natural fire, whether it be a campfire or a tiny smoldering leaf, as well as gain support from spirits. Life energy is required for pyromancy, so it is stronger in areas with abundant wildlife (such as a swamp) and weak in desolate areas (tundra or desert). Living creatures' life energy can augment puromancy, but it is not "used up", so this cannot be used to suck up someone's life. Heres a list of some of the different abilities (bolded for what she starts with) that can be used.
    Ignite - Can light things on fire, such as starting campfires or melting wax. Can be expanded upon, but requires more skill.

    Combust - Exactly as it sounds. Can combust air as an attack. Right now it would only give a few burns, but can be expanded on with more skill.

    Fireball/orb - creates a ball or orb of fire, then throws it. Range limited to throwing distance, as it is not fired, but lobbed. Orbs explode on impact but require more fire

    Flame Surge - shoots fire from hand, like a flamethrower. Range is around 5 meters, power may increase but standard is very weak

    Firestorm - Towers of flame erupt from ground. Fully exringuishes stored fire, and leaves user drained of energy. Max skill required (so she may never even get to this point by the time the rp ends)
    Clawed Lucario Style Martial Arts - Developed by Mei herself (with the help of her instructor), the Clawed Lucario Style revolves around the standard Lucario Style, only with swings instead of strikes, and different positions to make claws flow better. Also, a variety of kicks and other blows can be used. It is a very flowing and continuous style, which is not easy to stop (though guarding against it is not impossible) She can use normal Lucario style as well, but with her claws on it becomes much harder (hence why she made this one) It is not an official style, but is used by her and a few others at her martial arts school.

    Channeling: Can talk to spirits, but not manipulate or fight using them. She can gain power from them, however faint it may be, and use that as a way to refuel or increase her pyromancy. She mainly tries to ignore this gift, as usually the lost souls make her even more depressed.

    Claws: Two gauntlets with Wolverine (X-men)looking claws protruding off the back of her hand. They are made of durable steel and can withstand most flame and metal. Uses them with Martial Arts and even Pyromancy (heated claws)

    Sickle: A standard, iron sickle. Very sharp, but has low range and is akwardly shaped. Mei has just begun learning to use it

    Pokemon: Snorunt, Female.

    Appearance: Mei is tall for a girl of her nation, standing at 5'7". She is very beatiful, and has long, strait flowing black hair. It reaches halfway down her back, and she cuts her bangs just on her eyebrows. She ties it up when practicing martial arts, but prefers to keep it down otherwise. Her eyes are dark red, a side effect of pyromancy. They light up when she has more fire stored within her, and also when she uses her fire. Her skin is a little on the lighter side, and sometimes has an ashy look to it when she is running low on fire. Otherwise, it is lighly tanned brown and healthy. She is fairly skinny, but her martial arts training has built her muscles to the point where she is the average weight for her age. (Maybe even a bit heavier)

    She wears a black kung fu uniform with red accents and her school's emblem (emblem on her back, but is covered up by hair when its not tied up). She doesn't wear shoes or jewelry. She has red gloves to wear when not having her claws on, to protect her hands better when practicing the sickle.

    Personality: Mei is an extremely depressed individual, having been abandoned by her family. She is quiet, and doesn't like talking to others for fear of sounding too sad, and othen has dark, dismal thoughts. She gets angered quickly, but just as easily breaks down into tears. She might feign a smile or force a laugh, but she is rarely truly happy. She is very polite, but only talks when spoken too, or if it is neccessary. Mei's self esteem is very low, borderline nonexistant, which obviously causes her to doubt herself often and be extemely cautious. In a fight, however, a more ferocious side of her comes out, and she does whatever she can to win, short of cheating (Honor!). Her mastery of the Lucario Claw style is one thing she is proud of, but she can be self conscience of how others judge her proficiency of the art.

    History: Mei's mother and father were very young when she was born, at only 17 and 19. Both of her parents were immature and irresponsible people, who didn't care much for her. Needless to say, she had trouble growing up. She always wanted her parents and herself to be a happy family, but all they ever did was neglect her and go out with their friends. Mei's grandmother looked after her until she died when Mei was 6. By then, Mei could feed herself off scraps and survive at least. Two years later, her parents dissapeared, leaving a note saying whoever found Mei could have her. This was obviously very demoralizing, and Mei was struck by her parent's lack of love for their child. She cried for days, almost nonstop, before her stomach forced her to find food.

    Her aunt and uncle found her on their doorstep, teary-eyed and starving. But they would not take her in either, adding insult to injury. Mei fled, crying even more, and stayed in an alley for the night. Over the hours, she thought of how she could live. She first thought of an orphanage, but then remembered watching the other kids practice Martial Arts. She always wanted to learn, but her parents never let her. But who could stop her now?

    Mei wandered the streets for a month, before finding a Martial Arts School. She walked in, and said she wanted to learn martial arts. At first, the Master refused to withput seeing her parents, but after a while he gave in and believed her story. She began learning soon after, already older than the other kids starting to learn. She slept in the school and ate what the other kids didn't eat for lunch. The master allowed her to use the facilities, and she basically lived in the school. At first, she was as clumsy as any other kid just starting, But she practiced and practiced, until she had surpassed the others in her class, and moved on to higher ranks. She had become proficient in the most basic form of the Lucario Form, and wanted to learn more. By the time she was sixteen, she had practically mastered the style, and could beat anyone except the master in a one on one fight.

    You would think this accomplishment would make someone very proud, but she only felt empty. She had accomplished her dream....but now what? She felt like she had no purpose, and began doing dangerous things. She participated in fight clubs for one. When her master found out, he was furious, and almpst expelled her from the school, even though technically she had nothing left to learn, Mei was afraid of being expelled, and quit the figt clubs. She was walking back to the school from a tournament one day, and saw a burning building. She was still in her reckless phase and rushed in to help. She was knocked out by a falling chunk of ceiling, and woke up covered in ashes. Her ability had saved her life, and she didn't even know she had it. Her skin felt more alive, and her head more clear. It was like she woke up from a deep sleep.

    After the fire incident, she discovered her ability to not only withstand flame, but even control it. She practiced making sparks and such on her own. Along with pyromancy, as she dubbed it, she began learning to fight with claws, made by her master himself. Together, they adapted the Lucario martial arts to accomodate for the claws, and Mei has been working on that since. More recently, she has also tried incorperating the sickle into martial arts, but so far she has only managed to look clumsy and injure herself. With the claws however, she has become very proficcient at fighting with them. Another "side effect" of pyromancy is her ability to detect and communicate with souls. Soul power is the driving force behind pyromancy, even if she does not know it. A dead person's soul may be spoken to, even though they will mostly only grope and sob about their lives. Their energy can be synergized with pyromancy as well, but living things such as plants and pokemon are much stronger then the faint remains of energy of the dead.

    She was given a pokemon by her master for her outstanding work in martial arts. A Snorunt, almost as shy as she was. She was named Ke'ai, "Deserving to be loved" (at least thats what google says xD) This probably relects on how Mei herself wishes she were loved, or even a personal stab at herself. (saying that she isnt deserving of love. She does have pretty low self esteem.)

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