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    Sadly, no. You'll have to choose one of each.

    Anyways, here's the sheet for Akira.


    Part I: Human Form

    Name: Akira Amane

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Sin: Wrath

    Virtue: Charity

    Appearance: Looking more kin to his Japanese heritage, Akira is 5' 4", 130 pounds, has somewhat small green eyes, and black hair that spikes about but overall lands just below his ears, as well as a tannish-white skin tone. His body is well-built, albeit not very muscular, so he's skinny, yet he can lift his own weight and then some. The fact he actually does lift weights and exercise is only slightly evident through his arms and legs. While his clothing style varies across whatever he thinks would look good on him (even if it doesn't match something else in his wardrobe), he always wears glasses, and a sapphire necklace held up with silver miniature chain links; he never takes the necklace off unless he's completely alone.

    Personality: His voice smooth enough for all of the words to flow together (aside from a couple trips over his own tongue when he's trying to speed along something), Akira acts as a natural mediator, a confident speaker, and he can be pretty dang persuasive when he wants a good grade. An intelligent young man through his schooling, he relies on logic and reason over emotion and bias. As such, he's not exactly a religious person, but if he sees it he'll start praisin' the Lord. He also ends up fairly insensitive when giving his opinions, too, even while considering someone else's feelings, believing it's for their own good.

    For some reason, his sin doesn't drive him to anger. Instead, it gives him a euphoric feeling whenever he sows discord amongst others, and restrains his own, storing all the anger he holds. His charity gives him a much more apparent use of his knowledge and abilities when he's helping others, when he mostly hides the fact he can do all these things by sleeping or wandering off during class, among other things. Akira's virtue annoyingly works in tandem alongside his sin at times, driving him to even "helping" people learn the latest gossip.

    History: Born of a Japanese father and British mother in western B.C., Canada near the edge of Washington state (varied life, right?), Akira Amane received one of the best educations he could get, and is fully aware of it. However, a car accident caused him to lose his mother at an early age, and his eyes were damaged while she was trying to protect him. While he could still see, it was only with the assistance of glasses that he could see clearly from thereon. Otherwise, Akira's life has been pretty normal, albeit with a single dad who'd never remarried.

    Powers: Akira is able to obtain a general idea of what someone's thinking through their emotions and facial expressions; this ends up being much easier and more precise for him when they're in need of something or they're in a worse-off position than his own. From his sin, aside from becoming more energized by seeing and hearing another's anger, Akira can use his own through his voice and temporarily break someone's will to disobey an order, even someone else's as long as they get an order in. (While his Charity's power is always active, Akira can't use his latter ability until he has stored anger to burn, typically disabling its usage after a good night's sleep.)

    Part II: Holy Form

    Appearance: With no wings, or any really angelic features, Akira is pretty human here. Regardless, Akira looks very little like Akira at all except in height and hair color. With long black hair that waves out at the end and wide, heavenly blue eyes, Akira's virtue-corresponding form is actually a woman! In this state, Akira's skin pales to match an average Brit's, and his body generally becomes much more feminine to the point of seeming like a young mother. He also dons a noticably mixed-British accent and higher pitch, blending well with his natural flow. He doesn't need his glasses in this form, either, having near-perfect vision. Lastly, his clothes all converge into a long black and white dress that reaches a couple centimeters above his ankles, with silver lace-patterned lining in the collar and at the ends of the dress' accompanying detached sleeves.

    For some reason, whenever Akira is in this form, he has his memories (and even his name), but not as himself. "She" completely believes she's a different person that's lived Akira's life in this form, and both are unaware that the other exists. She's also a much more cautious and caring person than her real self, all the more willing to help others, and aware of her powers.

    Artefact: Akira's artefact, embedded right between his collarbones (just below his neck), is the bluish-purple sapphire that he normally keeps as a necklace.

    Powers: The first and possibly most effective power concerning this form is Akira's "Ultimate Defense": a force field of varying size and shape (it typically covers his entire body, though with training he could possibly create it from empty space and cover other people) that stops, deflects and reflects quite literally anything that moves, from matter to sound and electromagnetic waves to pure energy. Annoyingly, he still has to breathe when it's surrounding himself; as such, he can't normally hold up the Ultimate Defense continuously for more than a minute, max (unless there's a supply of air), nor can he move unless he's in motion while creating the field.

    Akira's second ability in his Holy Form is pheromone manipulation. With it, he can do many things involving others, including (but not limited to) affecting someone's emotions and attractions, causing people to see illusions or fall asleep, and lower someone's inhibitions (to the point where they'd follow nearly any request like mind control). It has positive properties, too, such as increasing someone's stamina or healing capabilities, and can even be used to disorient an enemy or turn them against each other. (It's a double-edged sword of sorts, as it can even end up tempting someone else's own sin to manifest if they have a susceptibility to it.)

    Third is the ability to translate his own stamina into life energy, expending himself even to exhaustion to energize and heal someone's injuries at a shocking rate; almost instantaneously for small wounds, and greatly reducing the damage from deeper ones.

    Lastly, and Akira's most basic, is a very notable increase in speed from his natural athleticism. Because of this he can go from walking to running faster than a speeding bike with little trouble (and keep up with the insane and elderly on the freeway! |D )

    Part III: Hell Form

    Appearance: Growing a pair of angelic white wings and a sword from outside his right wrist to his elbow (which he can detach and re-attach as he pleases), Akira's hair turns into black feathers, falling to his shoulders. Along with it, his eyes turn entirely black, and his lips follow along. His skin turns extremely pale to contrast it, giving his face a devilish, albeit it still somewhat human appearance. Akira's clothes burst into black and white flames, constantly surrounding his body like normal clothing, and can't be put out (even though the fires do nothing but provide the clothing-like cover). Finally, joining his side is a black-furred beastly wolf, aptly named Wolf.

    Powers: His first and foremost ability consists of total control over Wolf. They can even communicate through telepathy and their senses, letting each other see what one sees, hears, etc. Secondly, Akira naturally has power over fire. Instead of heat, however, his fire controls the absence of it, ripping away the heat of what it touches much like he absorbs the malice of those around him. His third power consists of the blade embedded in his arm, giving him expert proficiency in using it and and eternal sharpness; not just sharp, but cut-through-a-large-rock sharp.

    Finally, Akira gains greatly increased reflexes. He can't dodge a bullet too well, obviously, but he can bullet-time his way out of a sword's path all day.


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