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Hmm... Sins and Virtues, eh? Sounds fun.


I: Normal Form

Name: Simon McGregor

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Sin: Avarice

Virtue: Humility

Appearance: In a word, average. Simon is 5' 6", 144 pounds, with tannish skin, the color like paper dipped in tea. His eyes are dark sapphire blue, and his hair is brown, cut short but wild, since he never bothers to style it, or even brush it. He's rather skinny, but with some muscle, although not much in the upper body department. Most of the exercise he gets is through running, which he's fond of, but it doesn't do much for his arms. His clothing choices are remarkably similar, in fact he owns several sets of the same outfit: blue denim jeans, red t-shirt, black running shoes, and a navy blue windbreaker. He wears a pair of black plastic-framed reading glasses and an old pendant, an eight-sided green stone attached to a silver chain.

Personality: Simon is a calm, analytical person. He doesn't like to rush into things, and rarely even speaks to others unless he is giving his opinion of something. He generally leaves others alone unless they annoy him or cause him problems, in which case he tries to resolve the problem. First with words, then with quick violence, followed by running away. He tries to keep busy at all times, because his mind is always working, and he can get a little stir-crazy. He has a tendency to ramble on a bit, talking to himself as he works things out, though he quiets down immediately if someone draws attention to him.

His sin causes him to become much darker-minded, always seeking to gain more. His thoughts turn to how he can get just one more of a particular item, or how he can minimize what he uses or wastes in his endeavors. Notably, he doesn't care much for money itself, but has a fondness for shiny objects, particularly gems. Compare and contrast with his virtue, where he attempts to hide his influence from the world as much as possible. He offers his input or assistance quietly, hoping to be overlooked, but still contribute. Working his virtue and sin together, he is a quiet and skulking character, trying to obtain more while being noticed less.

History: Simon is the third child in a middle-class Scottish family. His mother was an officer of the local police, and his father owned and operated his own restaurant. Simon was treated equally to his siblings, but recieved little attention from his busy parents. He kept himself busy by reading books at the local library or taking recreational jogs down the lane. He was informed of St. Judes during school, and applied with the hopes that such a famed establishment would offer him some interesting and life-altering opprotunities. After pre-testing three times, he took the exam and interviewed, eagerly awaiting results.

Powers: His greedy nature allows him to locate objects, either general or specific, within a certain area. His virtue allows him to go unnoticed by others, where they tend to look at anything other than him unless they are actively looking for him.

II: Holy Form

Appearance: In this form, Simon's face becomes utterly featureless, a blank slate save for his eyes, which become pure white. Though he lacks ears, a nose, or a mouth, he can still hear, smell and even speak normally. When speaking, his voice just seems to emanate from his body. His skin takes on a light blue color, glowing slightly, and appears slightly translucent. His clothing is transformed into a white tunic and leggings, with wooden sandals on his feet. His glasses are missing in this form, despite the lack of pockets on his tunic. Finally, a pair of feathery grey wings sprout from his lower back, although they don't provide much in the way of flight.

Artefact: Simon's necklace, known as the Jade Octahedron, is embedded into his holy form's flesh, the stone resting between his pectoral muscles.

Powers: As a paragon of humility, Simon takes no credit for himself, but allows others to excel. His mere prescence enhances the physical traits of those around him, granting his allies increased strength, skill, toughness and agility.

His second power allows him to create and manipulate kinetic force around his hands. Using this power, he can create small shields, lift objects telekinetically, or project a beam of pure kinetic energy with force comparable to a heavy punch from a boxer.

His third power is a subtle one, allowing him to regenerate wounds sustained in battle. Doing so takes time and concentration, however. His final power is limited flight from his wings. He currently can't do much more than hover in place or keep himself aloft while falling.

III: Hell Form

Appearance: Simon's Hell Form is a reptilian humanoid, with charcoal-blue scales covering his body, and a single long horn growing from his forehead. His eyes change color, with yellow sclera, green irises, and black slitted pupils. In this form, he stands only 3 feet tall, with a stinger-tipped prehensile tail roughly half that length. He retains his human hair, but gains sharp teeth and claws. His body is completely covered by the scales, but his clothing hangs in shreds on his body, although his glasses remain in place.

Powers: To go along with his new natural weapons, Hell Form Simon gains enhanced speed, strength, and reflexes. He is twice as fast and strong as an average human, and his reflexes allow him to dodge most attacks, though bullets are obviously too fast for him to dodge. A secondary power is a form of natural adhesion, allowing him to climb along even vertical surfaces or flatten himself against a ceiling.

Simon's touch can drain life energy from living creatures, making them weaker and him stronger. His final power is the ability to release a bolt of electrical energy from his mouth. The attack is quick but non-lethal, stunning his enemies as static electricity courses through them. His horn visibly crackles with electricity before and during this attack.