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If anything needs changing, I'll do my best to adjust. Most of my abilities, the Warden approved of ahead of time, but I am aware they may need to be adjusted for fairness sake. (I don't want to be too overpowered....wait, yes I do).


Name: Leonard Argyle Radcliff
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sin: Pride
Virtue: Patience

Human Form

Appearance: Leon would consider himself a beautiful prince in appearance and few people would disagree. Aspiring to become a celebrity of sorts, Leon pays a great deal of attention to his looks and it reflects that. His skin has a healthy, natural tan and it has a fair texture with few impurities on any given spot. His face has youthful energy to it, aided by his deep blue and inviting eyes. While the eyes don't do the amazing sparkling effect, many women have been mesmerized by them at least enough to give the typical comments that men with blue eyes receive. Leon's cheeks are slightly rosy, giving him the appearance of a child. His square jawline, prominent nose bridge, and thinner than average lips give him a more masculine edge, which he is quite proud of. Leon's most noticeable trait, however, is his full, thick, luscious blonde hair. His hair is quite long and difficult to tame. While it lacks a distinct style preferring to fall into his face giving him an almost scruffy look to him, Leon takes good care of it using expensive hair care products to give it bounce and making it soft to the touch. He loves his hair so much that he is guilty of playing with it when bored.

Leon has been gifted with a superb body that keeps him from gaining too much weight and becoming completely unattractive. He is fairly tall for his age, clocking it around 5"11 with a healthy weight of around 160 pounds. Leon is thin, being overly conscious of his weight. While he is "healthy", Leon is guilty of constantly dieting, robbing his body of valuable nutrients. Therefore, he has little muscle development and appears almost frail at times (though he manages to be above average in athletics, being an exceptional runner).

Leon dresses in a manner fitting those who are conscious of their appearance. He is most often seen wearing dark casual or dress shirts, often in shades of blue or black, usually with a plain black undershirt. The shirts are usually plain with few designs, though pinstripes or medieval style designs occasionally spur up. He favors jeans that are the standard faded blue denim complete with a stonewashed accent given to them, supplying character and individuality. To keep his pants from having a date with the ground, Leon wears a black leather belt with a sliver buckle. Enjoying accessories, Leon has invested in several pieces of jewelry, including a silver chain necklace, a silver chain bracelet on his right hand and a fancy silver watch on his left hand.

Personality: Leon is the definition of an inflated ego. Ambitious, attention seeking, selfish and vain, Leon is a hard man to like but an easy one to admire. Goal-orientated, Leon aims high and never looks back stopping at nothing to accomplish what he desires. As such, Leon is stubborn to a fault, never accepting defeat. Having witnessed failure so few times, Leon has built up quite the ego, unnecessarily feeding it at any given time. He is a glory hog and a narcissist, reading his long list of accomplishments at inappropriate times. This captures the imagination of the weak minded, but would annoy the more aware. Leon loves reveling his accomplishments and his admirers more than anything in the world. Leon is notably fearless and brave to the point of stupidity, never backing away from a challenge or endeavor. To him, challenges are meant to be overcome and it is the only way one can test themselves. Leon is known to carry himself with a fairly easy going nature, until challenges or opportunities for success present themselves. It is then that he shifts to a more serious and intense tone, and his bottled up emotions rise to the surface.

Leon is a social butterfly, loving to interact with others regularly. Though many of these interactions are limited to him boasting, Leon is capable of intelligent conversation. A solid student in school, Leon is above average on the intelligence scale which would explain why his improvisations succeed more than most. Leon is talkative and active, constantly moving and meeting new people. Leon never shy away from attention and often jumps into them with a grin. Leon enjoys people and interaction and if someone genuinely interests him, he will hold back his ego to show a less superficial side to him. This does not mean that Leon has a golden heart, but instead that Leon is a genuinely friendly person whose high aspirations turn off many because of the way that he carries himself. Leon mostly notably has a soft spot for women, flirting with them with mixed results. He is guilty of going out of his way to impress them, often looking foolish in the process.

Despite his blind arrogance, Leon has developed some vestige of patience recently, more willing to wait things out and try to find a better solution. He still has the occasional bout of reckless behavior and can be impulsive, but Leon has found the ability to remain level headed and more the willing to cooperate to accomplish the greater good.

History: Leon was born into the 1% of America to a rich businessman of a father and a trophy wife of a mother. Leon was expected to inherit his father's legacy and therefore was given the best education money could buy, the biggest ego compliments could conceive, and develop the greatest gifts man could possess through hard work and dedication. Leon was to be the prodigy his father could be proud of. Therefore, nearly every waking moment was spent working to become the perfect successor and Leon's father demanded nothing but the best. Leon was therefore constantly working towards accomplishing that goal. St. Jude's was a natural step for Leon being that his intelligence and greatness would have to be recognized by the best. The exam was easy for him, as Leon boasted to his peers. To him, it was fate that his flawless nature enter the most prestigious school he could think of.

Powers: Using the power of the original sin, Leon has the ability to impose his greater power above someone and control their mind temporarily. This can involve either pushing thoughts into their mind to make them do certain things or a complete hypnosis. However because of the nature of the ability, Leon can only use the ability once a day. His other ability is to calm others by affecting their emotional state. This is affected by touch and allows Leon to avoid confrontation by calming even the most anger of individuals.

Holy Form

Appearance: Leon becomes truly an image of perfection when he ascends to his holy form, becoming the very image of an angel ripped from the imaginations of the most faithful. His blonde hair becomes a shade of gold and his blue eyes glow in the light of his pure white aura. His clothing changes to a white tunic with a leather belt around his waist and leather gloves and boots. His stature appears to become more regal with an increase in height and build, as Leon grows to 6"2 and gains some muscle definition, giving him the toned build he deserved for oh so long. Most notably however is Leon's large white feathered wings that complete the holy look. The wings have great span and are more than capable of keeping in the air should he decide to.

Artefact: Leon's artifact is a golden bracelet with a sapphire stone worn around his right wrist.

Power: The first and possibly greatest ability in this form is Leon's omnicompetence which is the ability to handle all situations or matters. While this may sound like being the equivalent to god, Leon's variation of the power is not always active, therefore not gifting him with the constant foresight to succeed in every endeavor. Occasionally activated unintentionally in times of peril (or not) or activated through concentration, Leon will only have flashes of brilliance that gift him with the ability to solve problems. With training, Leon may be able to have these flashes more frequently or obtain greater foresight.

Leon also has the ability of telekinesis, which allows him to manipulate and control objects with his mind. Being his brand is broad, Leon levitates, pulls, pushes, crushes and blasts objects and people. Leon has low level clairvoyance, able to see the future but only in dreams and obscure visions. Leon can also use his wings to fly.

Hell Form

Appearance: Leon's hell form has the obligatory darkness to it. With his hair a scruffy black and his eyes a burning red, Leon has demon painted all over him. With pale skin, sharp teeth, tribal tattoos tearing through a ripped black and red trench-coat and tattered jeans, Leon is unkempt, dirty, dark and above all, screaming evil. A red aura seems to follow him and he carries a black cane with a Christian Demon silver handle, with glowing red eyes. Wings, horns and other cliches are notably absent, but do not feel necessary. Also, Leon's stature remains the same (though he may be shorter), but he appears to grow more toned.

Power: In this form, Leon's primary power is the control of gravitational fields, allowing Leon to make the environment "heavy" or "light" in a given area. This is usually done by creating his own field in the area in which the gravity in his field is controlled by his will. As a limiter, Leon cannot move as freely as normally as he must be constantly concentrating on the laws of the field that he conceived. In his field however, Leon can repel and attract objects, giving him the ability to push and pull objects as if he had basic telekinesis.

As a secondary power, Leon has the ability of elemental transmutation which allows him to change or alter the chemical compounds of substance by rearranging its atomic structure. Activated by touch, he can alter the state of a matter of object, it's basic shape or form or simple destroy an object's basic form. However, he cannot create or complete destroy an object, therefore he is bounded by the basic laws of science.

His final ability hearkens back to his human form abilities, but in his form it takes the form of vice inducement which allows Leon to elicit the vices in a person's soul, bringing out the worst qualities in a person and forces them to act upon them. Those with weak wills succumb easily. The effect is temporary and much like his gravity manipulation only is active in a given field. Separation from his field will end Leon's grip on them.


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