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@Mentalii: I actually question the part about Rotom creating the ghosts, not because I don't think Rotom wouldn't kill, but because... ghosts generally eat souls! If one's soul is eaten, they're gone! Or at least trapped in a tummy~ *Sagenod*

Which raises the question of what /other/ plausible explanations there might be!

Judging by the architecture and condition of the chateau, I might suggest that it's probably very old, and hasn't been maintained in quite some time. Ghosts are drawn to spiritual energy. What could've happened to draw them to the chateau? More interestingly, human ghosts! What keeps their spirits bound to the ground? Why? Is it unfinished business? Did something tragic happen there? That would explain the presence of ghost pokemon. At first it was probably minor, but without proper treatment the population skyrocketed until the huge infestation we see now became.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~