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We actually had to work out a balance for the "normal" students so they could still have some practical applications, instead of being totally-neglected side characters.

That said, the "normal" students will be able to take a Sin/Virtue combination as well, which influences them to a lesser degree. Their personality is altered all the same, and they'll gain a couple superpowers, so they'll be able to participate with the Sins & Virtues even if they don't transform into anything. This can even go into a "normal" student investigating strange occurrences surrounding the school and what's happening to them, culminating into their own sub-story for something they can tell their grandkids in 50 years.

The biggest actual difference, not regarding the major, major events of the plot, is that the "normal" students will still be able to live fairly average lives, while the "Sins & Virtues" students will be much more affected by everything around and within them. Depending on how players play the students and their interactions, they'll also be able to heavily influence how the S&V characters develop; this gives the normal students arguably just as much effect on the game as the "main" characters.

Overall, you can just chalk it up to preference on how "central" to the storyline you want to be and what combination you want (though, like I said, you'll have just as many opportunities, if not more, to develop as the S&V students if you choose a Normie); if a Sin/Virtue you want was already taken for the S&V Students, it may still be available for Normal Students.

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