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Okay, finished this SU.

Literally hours of work. x.x Especially on the powers and those little details (I love the little details). Hopefully everything is explained nicely and acceptable, I kind of want to get off this edit schedule. XD


I: Normal Form

Name: Cameron Chris

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Sin: Lust

Virtue: Kindness

Appearance: Cameron is a dark-skinned man about an inch above six feet. It is easy to describe Cameron as tall, dark, and handsome. He is tall, he is dark, and he is handsome. His features don't make him a masterpiece but they don't him paint on the wall either. He is worth at least a short glance. He has an ectomorphic body, so clothes can be a hassle and they don't really agree with him either. Cameron isn't a fashion wiz on top of that, but he does a good job. He usually wears jeans and casual wear, since you can attempt finding them in the right size without too much of a cost. He most prefers wearing short sleeve clothing in reds or darker colors. If he has a shirt that fits, but looks baggy or worn, he usually wears a jacket or hoodie over it to make himself look at least normal. His right ear is pierced with a square, silver earring.

Cameron wears a black, digital wrist-watch on his left wrist. Cameron does work out semi-regularly, so he does have tone to his arms an body. However this does very little to alter his thin figure.

Personality: Around new people, Cameron isn't much of a speaker. When he talks his voice is usually a low mumble. With those he is more comfortably acquainted with he can speak perfectly fine. Cameron is simply uncomfortable around people he rarely speaks to, partially because he doesn't know what to say to them, another part because he doesn't want to be around them, and the last part because engagement isn't really his forte. Family and well-acquainted friends are a familiar party and everyone else is almost like a danger. He tries to disassociate himself with these people to prohibit further communication, but that isn't always effective. Because of his shyness around those he doesn't know, he tries to distract himself when in a room of strangers. This habit has gotten him into book reading and he seems to always have one on him in the off chance that he needs to deflect foreign advancements. Cameron has also gotten used to staying mostly under the radar. In school he doesn't participate unless specifically asked to by the teacher and only talks when he sits next to friends (though that's usually corrected by an unwanted seat change). Studying is also a way to distract himself from the crowds, though he doesn't particularly like it. Because of this, Cameron has the best grades in the classes he feels the most uncomfortable. When Cameron is around friend he's well acquainted with, he's much more comfortable to speak and is generally a good guy. He can be friendly and and disagreeing as well. Cameron can also be quite spiteful when he wants to be, sometimes unreasonably.

Cameron is a little bit easier to upset. Insults and general can make him angry and disrespectful attitudes or disregard can make him irate. While he doesn't like talking to his superiors he does believe that they all deserve respect. He is very set on this and is unmoving in this value. He is also believing in personal duties and creates them as his responsibilities shift. Failing these small principles creates disappointment and personal blame for himself. Cameron is very set in his ways and doesn't do a lot make changes. If he does, it isn't significant. He isn't very good at "trying new things".

Lately, however, Cameron has felt as though he's been given one more principle. In the recent time he was been more willing, or had the urge, to aid or assist a person, even if he doesn't know them. He is still shy around them, but has the urge to become more helpful or otherwise feel concern for others he would normally ignore. He has also felt more of a longing for his own pleasures rather than letting them come as he pleases. He has a higher desire for things or outcomes. For a reason he can't explain he frequently has an intense want for something or many things all at the same time. More specifically he has had the urge to feel the pleasure of a scratched itch, even when he doesn't feel itchy at all.

History: Cameron wasn't born to some high-end family and he wasn't a math star or the most deserving child on the planet. Cameron went to school and maintained his grades for football as well as to please his mother. At school he had an enjoyable time with his friends and after school is was leagues better. The only problem was that Cameron's mother was an adamant about higher education and wanted only the best for her son. Cameron thought their current school was fine, but she disagreed. She thought he needed more of a challenge, which explained his application sent to St. Judes. He prayed for the letter to be a decline, but unfortunately, his wish wasn't going to come true.

Powers: Lust, it seems, is the more dominate trait in Cameron and thus a power relating to Lust is not only his primary, but most used. His power, simply, is the knowledge of a single or multiple person's inner most desire, either in that current moment or one that has existed in a person for days, weeks, or years. He, however, will not be able to control when he gets these desires or which ones he receives. This knowledge is communicated to him almost like a thought. Once he receives the desire he will always be able to find it within the person. If it vanishes then the thought will be lost to him. As his power progresses he will be able to willingly find and choose desires or even manipulate and place new ones into a person. Because desires are so powerful in affecting a person, Cameron can only change, add, replace, or remove three desires in a single person.

His secondary power, relating to kindness, has no effect on himself but others. His power gives him the ability to light up a room. The activation of this power, which is near constant, can cause those in Cameron's proximity to feel happiness, calm, or euphoria. This power becomes especially active when around a negative situation. As this power progresses, Cameron will be able to affect the level of emotional change, manipulate a person's willingness to help, or even remove happiness from a person completely.

II: Holy Form

Appearance: Cameron's Holy form is surprisingly simple. He doesn't gain wings and his skin does change color and his appearance makes very little change. Cameron's clothing is the most drastic change. Instead of his normal garb he wears perfectly a fitting, powder blue, long-sleeved, button-down shirt tucked under some finely ironed khaki pants and held together by a black belt. On his feet he wears nice, black, and surprisingly comfortable shoes. His watch, in this form, turns into the artifact Compassion's Gift. In this form, Cameron has the look clean and tidy person with an air of confidence around him. As well, while in this form, his shyness is much less prominent. His earring is also gone.

Artefact: Compassion's Gift- Cameron's artifact is a thick, golden bracelet around his left wrist. It has gems of red and green and a design carved on its outside that resembles hieroglyphics. While in his normal form, his bracelet reverts back into the form of a black wristwatch. Once this artifact is around his wrist it cannot be removed until it is once again the black wristwatch. However, this is not the case on other individuals. Without this artifact, Cameron would be unable to use his power of Support Enhancement and "Volunteer" and his other abilities would be weakened.


Support Enhancement: Cameron is able to assist himself and those around him by increasing their power of physical capabilities. He can increase strength, speed, intelligence, and any aspect of a person or himself. He can increase these aspects infinitely, however he must borrow these aspects from others, either those he is engaging with, those in proximity, or from the energy of kind, compassionate and/or devout people within the world. These enhancements are only temporary and are returned once they have fulfilled their use. When enhancing abilities, however, he cannot enhance his own and others at the same time. Whoever he uses to take these enhancements, he can cause serious problems associated with whatever he borrowed in that person by accident. When supporting others, Cameron must have a continuous link to them or these enhancements will begin to disappear. If he is interrupted the enhancements will slowly go away until it has completely left or he can regain the link. If he's defeated, the enhancements go away completely and instantly.

Elasticity: With this power, Cameron can stretch, deform, expand, or contract into any form imaginable. This power does not grant him bonelessness. Cameron can deflect (bounce back) projectile attacks harmlessly as long as this power is activated and as long as he is prepared for the attack. He can harden and soften his body at will, though becoming too soft can make it difficult to reform. He cannot deflect projectiles moving too fast or that are too sharp unless he makes himself hard enough to block it. Elasticity does not grant Cameron a "rubber body" and therefore he is not affected by rubber's weaknesses that are not also a weakness to the human body. For example, if he were heated he wouldn't begin to melt or soften and if he were exposed to colder temperatures he would not necessarily freeze to a point of shattering. Heat, however, would make his attacks more sluggish and weaker and cold would make it harder to stretch.

Emotional Energy Manipulation: This power allows him to alter or use any emotion capable being felt by any living thing. When using this power neutrally then it, in basics, switches one emotion to another. Too much of this can cause mood swings, physical, or psychological problems in a person. When using it offensively, Cameron takes the emotion of one person and uses it against them. When using an emotion, the person affected does not loose that emotion. The manipulation of emotion can either take the form of some sort of being or a miasma cloud that can cause confusion, an overwhelming feeling of emotion, an altering of emotion, or an increase in sudden and/or extreme anxiety. The power of the emotion or the size of the being or cloud it creates depends on how strong the emotion is. This power is most affective against those with little control over there emotions or self-doubt. As well, one emotion cannot harm its opposite. For example, if the emotion of sadness was used against someone who was happy, both sides would be equally matched. If both emotions are from the same person then it would negate any attempted harm on either party. The presence of too many of these entities can create tension within the air and create their own field of aura that can effect those around negatively. To wield these beings, Cameron must have at least part of his focus and energy on every one he conjures. When he uses his own emotional energy as a weapon, he is more susceptible to emotional change and can feel the effect of "emotional exhaustion".

Volunteer: While the name be a tad ironic, this power allows Cameron to control another person, in a sense. He doesn't completely take them over or hypnotise them, but instead "persuades" them into "assisting" him. The power works by increasing another person's level of kindness, compassion, and/or willingness towards either him or others. As these levels increase, the person will be more willing or completely willing to do anything he asks. Whoever he uses it on, however, is still in possession of their own personality and judgement (aside from their willingness or their compassion and kindness (if he chooses to enhance those as well)). Cameron must always raise willingness, but can choose whether he increases kindness, compassion, or both. If the affected person somehow realizes what Cameron has done or their conscious compromises them, it is possible for them to refuse Cameron, though depending on what aspect he decides to increase (especially willingness) it may be difficult. Cameron can only completely manipulate a person if he is only affecting that single person. This person can still refuse him, but the affects of the power would cause them to do the act anyways. This will only work if willingness, compassion, and kindness are increased to high or near maximum levels (though this also depends on who he is controlling as well). The power will be negated if Cameron requests something blatantly malevolent or against the "volunteer"'s morals or if it leads the person to do a malevolent act.

III: Hell Form

Appearance- In his Hell form, Cameron's appearance is much like it is in his Hell form. There are very little differences. The first change is that his shirt had changed from a powder blue to a dark black and his shoes became black converse. He is also given wings, horns, and a tail. However, these aren't real. This extra features are actually closer to cheap costume pieces put together. The horns are simply small red ones adorned on a black headband, the wings, which are black, are stiff and worn with stretchy-string straps, and the tail is firm, but stuffed and hooked on the inside of the pants. The tail is long and has a generic devil's point at its end. Instead of looking respectful as in his Holy form, Cameron has a more mischievous look and gives off the impression of a Halloween prankster. His costume is apparently one of an incubus and to play on this his appearance also seems to have gained appeal. Instead of having just a most intriguing look, his new outfit seems to have the effect to incite further investigation and draw people towards him. As with his Holy form, his shyness is not as prominent while he is like this.

Because of Cameron's Lust Empowerment ability, his appearance gradually changes as he grows stronger.

First Form: This stage of his forms is relatively easy to get to and takes but one or two acts to reach. This form brings about a simple change. By this time Cameron's costume has become more real. His horns have become real and the headband disappeared. The wings have now also become authentic as well as the tail. His nails have also grown longer and become more claw-like. Once again, his appearance seems to have gotten once again better. It is, by this time, more obviously attractive. That drawing part of his appearance is stronger and can give a person a slight sense of wanting to be near him. In this form, if he were to shapeshift, he would be smaller/weaker version of what he wanted.

Second Form: At this point, Cameron seems to have grown taller. His horns and tail have grown larger and his claws sharper. His teeth have also grown sharper and his body has gotten bigger. His appearance looks more mature and has become, once again, much more attractive. This drawing effect has once again grown stronger. Cameron's voice, movements, and touch all have this similar affect and has the tendency to bloom desires within the person he is in contact with. However, like an Incubus, these created desires usually point towards Cameron himself, but they do not last long once he has left a person's presence. In this form, if he were to shapeshift, he would have a slightly weaker to average strength as whatever he turned to or a moderate version.

Third Form: At this form it is apparent that Cameron has grown almost two feet from his original height and he has grown much larger than from his previous form. His horns have also grown more exponentially, now big enough to curl backwards. His tail is larger and can be used as a viable weapon. His claws are also sharper and longer. He has an older, stronger appearance and not only has an imposing air to him, but an intensely desirable one. Much like his last form, it can cause the bloom of lust or a strong desire within others. Instead of fading quickly once he's separated, these feeling instead persist, but they come as frequent or occasional thoughts. In this form these effects are at or near their maximum and he is at his best for his demonic, incuben look. His wings are large and have a wide span, large enough to carry him in flight. In this form, his shapeshifting allows for stronger/larger variations.

Forth Form: At this stage, Cameron is very far gone. Instead of the humanoid figure before, Cameron has turned into a literal monster of a demon. It is a large and ugly form. Fur has become prominent on a large part of his body and gives him a feral look. Instead of feet, he has acquired hind legs and hooves. His stance could be described as now ape-like, having to now rest on his knuckles to walk. His teeth, which have become extremely sharp, now boast two large saber teeth. At this point he has become quite large and muscled and his head and facial features can be considered boar-like. Aside from his clawed hands and arms, there is no easily found feature of him that is human. In this monstrous form, Cameron can be easily described as wild or feral. While he still can use his powers, simple acts like thinking or self-control are much harder to maintain or completely absent. It is almost as if he forgets who or what he is. Like this, Cameron is very much like a drooling animal. The effects of his previous forms are now mostly absent. Instead of attracting a person towards himself, it generalizes into anything or into a focus on anyways. These effects depend on who is experiencing them. It victimizes larger amounts of people, but the effects are not as strong. After this, any extra power given to him from his Empowerment will not change him further other than making him taller and larger, but this would take an exceedingly long time. This form is likely to burn out from being over energized. In this form, whatever he shapeshifted into would be much larger than normal (though more than likely not the same size as this form) and much stronger as well. His new appearance would take on the theme of this form and be either grotesque or become a mutated and/or altered version of what it usually may be.

Cameron's forms in no way come instantly and are, in fact, gradual changes. It takes longer to get from one stage to the next.


Lusftul Energy Manipulation: This power is much like Cameron's power of Emotional Energy Manipulation, in fact, it is a parallel of the same power. Instead of using emotions as weapons, it uses the accumulation opponents deepest desires. Like its Holy opposite, the desires form into the shape of a being or into a suffocating and/or overwhelming cloud. If a person is being overwhelmed within the cloud it could cause the person to become obsessed and abandon their current mission in order to fulfill their desires. However, once outside the cloud, this will only last temporarily. The more selfish and abundant these desires are, the stronger the energy will become. As desires are fulfilled, overcome, or discarded, the weaker the energy will become. Of all desires, sexual desires make for the strongest weapons. If Cameron cannot take energy from another he can use the energy collected from what was gained by Lust Empowerment (which will of course drain energy). If Cameron uses his own energy he can only wield one at a time. If he uses another's he can create up to four, though that also depends on his proficiency and the amount of power he has. If Cameron uses his own energy to create an energy being, then the power doesn't slowly drain away, but store within the being from his body. This would, of course, lower his individual power. If he returns the being, then he regains the energy (or what is left), if it is defeated then he loses it. The more successful an opponent is to one of these, the more energy it loses until it eventually disperses completely.

Lustful Field: This power allows Cameron to create a field where the desires of whoever in it come true. While inside, the field creates an illusion of a world where these have all been fulfilled and the person is completely happy or satisfied. It tricks the brain into believing that this is real. It's most effective on those that are weak willed or have much stronger desires. If there are more than one person in the field then it will show them an illusion of their fulfilled respectful desires. This field does not work on people or beings that are without desires. Cameron can enter and exit this field without being affected. The more energy he's absorbed from Lust Empowerment, the larger the field can become. Creating and maintaining these fields requires control and concentration, especially with multiple people within the field. Otherwise it can be power-draining or over strenuous.

Lust Empowerment: This power allows Cameron to gain power from lustful feelings in the forms of indulgence, an intense want, the action of fulfilling these wants, or simply the thought of them. This only works, however, if they are done in sinful quantities or ways. Sexual forms of these give him the most energy. As he absorbs energy, the more powerful he becomes, and the more his appearance changes. He can also absorb this energy by performing these acts himself (though it must be sexual or an action brings down another person). The more energy he absorbs, the more his body changes. The energy produced by this power has a tendency to "leak". This "leak" makes slight changes around him and makes these occurrences more likely. The more energy he has stored, the more that comes out. These leaks are heavier when he is relaxed and can escape quickly while he sleeps. While this power does enhance his other powers, it also enhances his normal strength and will drain normally with the use of physical energy.

Omnifarious: Cameron has the ability to shapeshift limitlessly into anything he so chooses to be. The more power he has absorbed through Lust Empowerment, the more powerful he can become. Rather than being determined by Cameron's current strength, the level of his Omnifarious power is based on how much energy he stores from Lust Empowerment. If he is without this energy he will automatically turn into smaller and/or weaker versions of what he wants. It is possible for him to force his body to change into something beyond the power he possesses, but it causes a great amount of pain and his energy drains quickly.

So, SU up! Putting it in this post so it's easier to find.
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