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Originally Posted by K1ngQu33n View Post
Really? Where I live there's a shop called J & J's and they're a collectible store. Are you sure some collectors and some certain stores won't take it?
Are you sure there could be a possibility of some stores taking them?
Out of 15 collectibles stores and hobby shops I know of in my area, only 1 reportedly buys and sells in them (that one being one of 4 I haven't checked out in person yet). A few others I've visited sell singles, but they don't buy them. It's just been that way for a while, since YGO and MTG are much more popular in hobby shops around here. And my area's a metropolitan area of 3.5 million people, not small at all. There are some individual dealers around, but you have to arrange times to meet them, and there schedules usually aren't very open.

They probably stopped buying since so many people my age that had kept theirs to sell later were actually trying to get rid of them in person, and there was no one who was buying them. I've talked to several others who live elsewhere in the US, and most of the shops near them don't deal in them, either.

Pokemon may be #1 in sales, but it's #3 at hobby shops in terms of sales, and other less well known TCGs are catching up fast. Most of its sales come from department stores like Wal-Mart and Target.

Anyway, that's enough going off-topic here.
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