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The Homework Club

Welcome to The Homework Club, where students - both high school and college alike - can help each other out with whatever problems they're having with their schoolwork.

Our purpose
The purpose of this club is to help you with your homework (or classwork) if you're having trouble with it, not to do it for you. The responsibility on doing your homework falls on you, we're just a resource for you if you need help doing so. We're just here to lend a hand on how to do something, help explain how to do something if you're not sure, and maybe even handle a problem or two that you have. We'll mostly help out with the core subjects (Science, Math, History and English), and those that branch from them, but we'll try to help out with any class you're having trouble with if we can!

We need your help
Ultimately, our helpfulness will be determined by who we have as members of our group here so for that, we'll be needing all the help we can get! If you're a student (or former student) or just want to help out as much as they can, and would be able to help out others (as well as get help, if necessary, in return), please don't hesitate to join.

/*current member list here*/

Reply rules to follow
If you're interested in joining (which entails both helping and asking for help), please simply state so in a reply.
If you're interested in leaving this club, simply send me a VM so we can reduce clutter.
If you're interested in helping a member who has already requested help, please quote their post. Even if your reply is right after.
If you're interested in getting help on your homework (whether or not you are already a member), please follow this format:
[b]Help Request![/b]
[b]Subject[/b]: subject name here
[b]Problem[/b]: whatever it is you specifically need help doing
Please note: If you request help with your homework prior to joining, you'll be added to the member list.