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    I'm back again? with a new question for the FF&W community. So as the topic says what is your favorite pokemon fanfiction genre and most importantly why?

    This doesn't only apply to reading, but to writing as well.

    I'm also curious; i'm sure we all have different reasons for getting into writing and reading pokemon fanfiction. Why did you get into it? What attracted you in the first place?

    For me personally, I hated reading, I still sort of ache everytime I have to pick up a book. After watching an episode of pokemon on cartoon network I got a renewed intrest in my favorite childhood show. It was sort of nostalgic.

    So one day i decided that I wanted to write my own episode of pokemon and presto! My first pokemon fanfiction, ever. I wrote it on a notebook and threw it in the trash the next day. To make a long and boring story short I continued writing about things i'd like to see in a pokemon episode. I wrote a story about a 20-something year old Ash and how life had traspired from childhood to adulthood. Including dreams, love, and blah, blah, blah...

    I was on wikipedia trying to learn the ways of the force writing when I saw 'fanfiction' on the related box. I clicked it and discovered this whole world of fans writing about thier favorite shows, books, movies, ect...So i googled 'pokemon fanfiction' and the rest is history. I found PC and decided to post some of that story here. It didn't go so well...

    That's how I discovered fanfiction and got into it. So it would also be natural for me to say that "pokemon canon-based" fanfictions are my favorite genres. I like the idea of grabbing a canon character and using him/her in one's own story or ideas.

    So what kind of genres do you like seeing or writing in pokemon fanfiction and why?