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Originally Posted by Style7 View Post
hi, i played your game , i like it, is very good and original !

Originally Posted by Style7 View Post
and i have one question, my eevee evolved into Espeon in lv40 actually my espeon is level 47 but it hasn't any type psychic moves, when will my espeon learn psychic? where is the MT 29(psychic) ? Can my Espeon learn psychic upping levels? what level?

sorry my bad english.. i hope you understand me because i'm spanish
It should learn Psychic at level 51. If you do the "Magical Book" sidequest, you'll realize all of Eevee's upper forms are made to learn new attacks at a same particular level for convenience (for example lv33 and lv51). Also, you "weren't supposed to" (or more like, you didn't want to) let it evolve into Espeon early in the game (and you would have gotten Psybeam for it if had evolved before lv38) but that's just something most players won't think of doing when playing the hack first time.


And, spoiling so much that the Lv70 move can be acquired even if you had evolved Eevee earlier.
After finishing Beta 3, you should know this already though.
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