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    The Fantastic Adventures of Ellsworth

    You take up the Pokeball containing your newly caught Pidgey in the air, and feel proud of doing your very first catch... You then realize you shouldn't be, Pidgey is the easiest Pokemon to catch in the whole world...

    "So , how should I call you?" You ask yourself.


    "That's the dumbest name ever, Conchita!"

    "What about... Birdy?" You decide, not just because it's a bird, but also because Birdy is your favorite singer, and Just A Game is your favorite song of hers... Again, you ask yourself how you know about a singer from another reality, but you decide to ignore that minor fact for a while...

    "Oh snap!" You yell, suddenly realizing something, "This Pidgey will die if I don't heal it soon!"

    You then begin running around Gneiss Town, looking for the lab, of course that yu know where it is, you're just running around like a retarded guy because it makes you happy. As you approach the lab, you stop in front of the door, and decide to do another lousy exotic entrance in it.

    "Hey Professor! What's crackalaking?" You yell as you open the door with a huge kick, once again startling everyone inside, and waking Richard once again.

    "Weren't you gone just a minute ago?" He says, obviously mad at having you waking him up.

    "Yes, why?" You answer with a rather innocent tone.

    "Just... Nevermind. Why are you here anyways?"

    "Oh that," you say, taking Birdy's capsule from your left pocket, "I need you to heal this Pidgey I caught."

    "You do remember you called me Rich, right?"

    "Yes... so?"

    "I won't heal your Pokemon."

    "What?!" You yell with surprise, "Why not?"

    "Because you called me Rich!"

    "C'mon Rich!"

    "It's Richard!"




    "Ack, fine!" He finally yells, outraged, "Just give me the freakin' capsules and leave me alon!"

    "Hooray!" You yell with joy as you give Richard your Pokeballs. He places them in a weird machine that had been next to him the whole time, but that was impossible to see at plain sight with so much garbage around.

    "Here!" says Richard as he hands you the Pokeballs, "Now, leave..."

    "Thanks Richard!" You say before bursting out of the lab.

    "It's Rich! ...wait..."

    Once outside, you let Birdy and Consuela out of their Pokeballs, in order for them to familiarize with each other, yet Birdy seems a little hesitant to do this as he's trying to be as far away from Consuela as he can be.

    "So... Birdy, I know the whole capture was a bit of a trauma for you, specially because you suffered from burns and stuff, but you know what helps with that? Syrup!" You tell Birdy as you open your bag, looking for the syrup...

    "Wait... where is the syrup?!" You yell, paralysed by fear, it is the worst thing that has happened to you so far! As you raise your sight, you spot a purple cat holding your precious syrup... Enraged, you quickly command Consuela and Birdy. Birdy tackles and Consuela throws rocks, startling the cat, which quickly flees, leaving the syrup in the ground. You quickly reach for it, and embrace it your arms while you whisper something about the syrup being your precious...

    "Gey!" Birdy clucks as he approaches you.

    "Yeah... about that, I changed my mind about the syrup..."
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