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Originally Posted by FierceDeity1 View Post
That's cool but I have to make 15 posts before I can post links so need to find some threads that I actually care about lol

Quite a few cards here so just tell me if you spot anything of worth.


It's probably just easier to tell you what isn't really worth anything, though I'm having trouble counting the number of pictures because they take up so much of the page and they're all squished together. Most of what I saw was worth around $2 to $3, and then there were some that were worth more than that. It would take me several hours to price all of those out in one go, and I personally don't really have the time for that. Would you mind reposting these one picture at a time, using bigger pictures, and waiting until a given picture was priced before posting the next one? This way, it makes it easier on whoever ends up helping price your cards, since they only have to quote one picture when pricing the cards, and they can clearly tell what cards are in the picture.
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