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I'm looking forward to Blastoise/Keldeo decks. It'll be the new Reshiboar with more damage output! Especially with Skyla allowing you to search for a trainer, hello T2 Blastoise! I'm also digging the Bicycle engine, a trainer that allows you to draw until you have 4 cards in hand.

Landorus EX seems nice, but I think everyone is going to want Keldeo for sure. Celebi EX could be useful somehow, just don't know how yet... Cresselia EX is just crap from what I remember, and the 2 Kyurem EX's are alright I guess, not overly impressed.

What really surprises me is the size of this set, 149 cards not including the secret rares? Seeing how the Japanese equivalent sets have 59 a piece, I guess we're getting an additional 31 cards that would probably come out of Plasma Gale (to those who don't know, it was just released in Japan a few days ago) or be US Exclusive cards...
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