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Originally Posted by DarkRisingGirl View Post
I have a Question about a small idea I thought of looking and playing competitive battles. In standard play, most people use Ditto's new Imposter Ability and use a Choice Scarf with it. That's pretty much 99% of Ditto's sets you'll ever encounter when playing against someone. I have no idea (I don't think anyone else does either) how to create Ditto's imposter ability into a gba hack. For those who don't know, imposter makes ditto instantly transform into the opponent's Pokemon as soon as it comes in the battle and copies all of it's stats(except HP), boosts, and moves.

Here's my question, do you think it would be cool and make Ditto much more useful if I gave it the Speed Boost Ability? It's the closest way to imitate the standard Ditto we see in current gen and will somewhat feel like Imposter Choice Scarf'd Ditto(It''ll be faster then your opponent's Pokemon possibly as soon as it comes in. You would still have to Transform though, sadly).

It's just an idea and I would like some opinions on it. Thanks.
Sounds like an interesting choice. Aside from breeding, Ditto is useless in gen. III games. Implementing something like impostor is something quite hard to do, it would involve a heck tons of ASM for it to be done, so putting in Speed Boost will likely make it useful without requiring too much work.