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    When Bob he opened the door to his middle school, he was vastly astonished on what he is just seeing near the principal's office. Derek is hanging out with new friends. They're a bunch of hot chicks. Derek is laughing with them, until Bob came.

    Bob was pretty angry. He stormed off and and punched Derek in the face. Derek fell down to the ground at a loud thud. He clenched his fists hard as tight as possible. "Derek! I thought you were supposed to be with me!"

    Derek got up stared at Bob with annoyance. The girls are giggled on how Bob talks. These girls are actually popular at school, and Miranda is one of them.

    "Derek, you know this weird guy? He's pretty geeky and he actually knows you?" One of the girls questioned.

    Derek was sweating very fast, and he's pretty quite tensed. "N....... noooooooo......... I don't recognize him, I never even seen him in my entire life......"
    Bob is crying very loudly. His face is red and boogers came out of his nose, not only was his face turning a deep shade of red, the mess streaming out of his nose made the audience turn in disgust.

    "DE..... DEREK!!!!!!!!!! I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY WOULD YOU BETRAY MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Bob was about to punch Derek, but the girls countered his fist, they're very angry and annoyed. One tall girl grabbed Bob's shirt and pulled his cowardly face to her intimidating grin.

    "Listen. We don't need your whining and unpopularity here. And he doesn't even know who you are. Why are you here?! Get away from us or your definitely in BIG TROUBLE."

    The girl pushed Bob to the ground. Bob ran away got up and ran away fast, crying hard. Derek felt kind of bad for what he did to Bob.

    (Why did I have to lie that I don't even know Bob? Why? He's very lonely and he's gone so much....... Just because I can't help him enough doesn't mean that I have to leave him..... If they see me with him, they will not be friends with me...... What choice do I have?) Derek is frustrated. Most of the girls left except Miranda, feeling concerned. She slowly walked to him and placed her yellow nail polished hand on Derek's shoulder.

    "Derek! You're coming to English Honors?" Miranda answered.

    "Yeah, sorry about me holding you up. I was worrying about Bob."

    I know how you feel, I used to hate Bob, but I actually felt bad for how I did to him. But it's hard for me, like everyone hates Bob because he is a crybaby, very geeky, sorta childish, and yet he's a big fan to Pokemon and Digimon. But I wish that I can help him, but if the girls see me with him, I'll be kicked out of their group."

    "I won't let this happen, there must be a way for me to be with Bob."

    They walked to English Honors late and walked to Ms. Alborn. She's marking them late on her gradebook.

    "Derek Chatman and Miranda Arisawa, you are late." Ms. Alborn explained.

    "We're sorry Ms. Alborn, we were........." Derek was confused to say, then he thought of an idea. "We were trying to help someone get to class, he's new here."

    They fake smiled, with their invisible aura of negativity is emitting from their bodies that no one can detect it.

    "Fine, but you two will serve morning detention, I know that your parents don't allow you to be after school late."

    Derek walked to his seat and sat next to Bob. Bob's crying hard after what the mean girls did. Miranda walked next to Bob and sat at her desk, she turned around. Derek feels regret for what he did to Bob, so he poked him.

    "Bob, can I talk to you, Miranda wants to talk to you also." Derek asked.

    Bob is sobbing harshly loud. "Why are you here? You betrayed me, Miranda hates me also, I remember when she poisoned me and she was laughing." Bob cries louder.

    "Bob, it's okay, Miranda changed, she doesn't want to hurt you anymore, she wants to say something to you."

    Miranda shoved her seat next to Bob. "Bob, I'm sorry about what I did to you, I didn't know what I was doing. The reason why I was angry is how you embarrassed me back in 6th grade, you made me be in a huge accident at the party before we moved to 7th grade. I was also embarrassed when people keep believing that we like each other."

    Bob calmed down a bit. "Tha...... That's why? And Derek, why didn't you want to be with me?"

    Derek is astonished. He doesn't even know what to say, because if he does, Bob will lash out and have a mind of an ape. "Uhhhhhhhh................"

    Ms. Alborn is annoyed of Bob. "Bob, stop crying or I will call your parents." Bob stopped his continuous amount of sobbing.

    "Bob, I will try to hang out with you and Bill, but you have to not be in the way sometimes."

    "WHY!? I thought we WERE best FRIENDS!" Bob started to cry again, and he's so peeved, he went off on Derek, everyone is ran away for the 1st seat from the door, hiding behind the teacher's desk, seeing on what's happening.

    Ms. Alborn took the telephone from the wall and called security. They came after 2 minutes took away Bob while he thrashes around with his annoying amounts of his bawling and screeching.

    Ms. Alborn is so angry, she told them on what happened. "Bob, he was crying over something. So I tried helping him, but he's too hard to understand. Then he was crying harder, and he abused a student that was trying to."

    The security guards stared at Bob with a menacing grin. "Bob, this is your last time. If you do this again, you'll be suspended, like how you burned your elementary school last year. I know that middle school is a hard year and that you are not getting used to it, but you will someday grow up."

    Bob stopped crying. Everyone surrounded Derek and they began staring at his black eyes, his heavily bruised skin and his tethered clothing. Miranda was so amazed of what Bob did. "Derek, did he hurt you?" Miranda questioned.

    "I'm fine, but I actually don't want to be friends with Bob anymore, I had enough with him. I'm done." Derek said.

    "Wait, because of what he did to you? If so, I'm not going to help him either, because he'll stay like this forever! He's afraid of himself and he's hard to fix. I don't want to be a friend status with him."

    People agreed and nodded their heads. They actually don't want to be with Bob, so they started a quiet discussion about him.

    "Pokemon Science nerd." A guy whispered.

    "A monkey." A girl said while giggling quietly.

    "And he's a big crybaby, "I thought we WERE best FRIENDS! WAAAAAA!!!!!" A boy pretended to be Bob.

    EPISODE 20:

    PREVIEW: A few hours have passed since an incident happened. A fight? But what kind of fight? A numerous amount of gossip has been spreading around the whole school because of this "fight". But what fight are they talking about?

    NOW: Derek rushed out of the school's front door at a fast pace, slamming it very hard. He paced very quickly, because he knew that Bob may come to him. Droplets of saline water erupted out of his skin. And Derek quickly made it to his destination at time.

    Meanwhile, Bob is on his bed, sobbing wildly. His room is a monstrosity. It's tethered up and the wall is slashed. Dampness of the bed dripped out of it and ruined the paper at the floor he is supposed to turn in. Bob's face is red, a stream of green disgust dripped out of his nostril.

    Bob remembers of what the girls said: ("Listen. We don't need your whining and unpopularity here. And he doesn't even know who you are. Why are you here?! Get away from us or your definitely in BIG TROUBLE.") He thinks that he's not supposed to be in this world. Then he gawked at his pillow, he hallucinated it as Derek's face. He punched it in anger, and he cried all night, giving everyone a fright.

    The next day, Bob came to school with dry mucus and tears all over his unhealthy face. He is in a mess. He walked slowly to his seat, but he realized that Derek has a new partner. He sat down at his desk quietly.

    Bob raised his hand. "Ms. Alborn, why is Derek sitting with Miranda!?"

    "Bob, you should know that already, there is no excuse for asking me." Ms. Alborn explained.

    "I don't know! Why is Derek sitting with Miranda!?" Bob caused a tantrum, he screeched like a bat. He jumped and was about to attack Derek, but Derek grabbed him. He punched Bob in the stomach very forcefully. Bob passed out with a stream of saliva coming out of his mouth. Bob is having a detention at Friday.

    When Bob was at recess sitting at the bench under a tree, he is still upset about what happened yesterday and today. His head is down, then he looked up and saw Derek standing and talking to his "girl"friends. He knew that he had the chance to apologize to him. He ran to Derek to talk to him with tears of joy and hope coming out of his eyes.

    "De...... DEREK! I MISS YOU!!!!! I want you to be my friend again!" The girls turned around and saw Bob with Derek, they were behind him. Bob turned around, then he was astonished and fell down at the sharp particles of the ground. He then stood up, shivering in fear.

    "Loo....... Lookkk....... I........It's not wh........what it lo....... looks like............"

    Bob stuttered very fast. One of the girls grabbed Bob by his shirt and pulled him up to her face. "Look, I thought that you were told to stay away from us." The girl snapped her fingers, Bob ran away. But the girl grabbed his back.

    They pulled him back kicked him in the stomach, Bob ejected a red liquid out of his mouth. They choked him harshly and they pushed him. Bob was laying at the ground with sharp projectiles. The saline liquid came out of his eyelids. Then the girls put a bag over Bob head and tied it. Bob panicked and tried breathing, but each time he does that, he loses breath. He passed out and fell down in a loud thud as it's like an aftershock. The girls left Bob, with a pool of blood.

    A few hours later, Bob was walking home, he saw Derek, he knew that since that the girls aren't here, he could have a chance with him. He limped towards him. He's still bruised.

    "Derek...... Why can't you be..... *sniffle* friends with me??"

    Derek was disgusted of how Bob always bothers him. He ignored Bob and ran away. Bob is starting to lose his energy, as he's in the heavy downpour with no umbrella. He reached his hand.

    "DDDDEKKKKKRREEEEEKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Bob cried loudly and passed out.

    The next day, Bob went towards a mass of people. He is astonished, Derek has changed. He's a goth. Spiky clothing, gold and black stripes, spiky hair, gothic makeup, shiny sneakers, and a spiky necklace. Bob realized why Derek doesn't want him, because he just wanted popularity. Feeling betrayed, Bob ran towards Derek and punched him.

    "DEREK! WHY BETRAY ME!? YOU STUPID ATTENTION SEEKER!" Derek isn't injured, he smiled evilly. People ooed.

    "FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" People are so happy.
    "Derek, beat up this [email protected]$$ nerd!" One of the popular girls screamed.

    Derek turned around with an infuriated expression and picked up his massive backpack. The strongest he could, he swung it around and thrashed Bob right on his back.

    Bob let out a loud screech, though others laughed at him. With an expressionless face, Derek beat Bob everywhere. Bob started shivering, and he felt sick to his stomach.

    "Please..stop.." Bob tried to let the words out, but it had come out as a scratchy, quiet voice. Derek showed no concern, then took out his spiky belt and whipped Bob like a horse. The spikes pierced his skin, and blood seeped out as fast as a river current.

    "Here Derek, use this baseball bat!" a bystander giggled. Derek accepted the bat, then whacked Bob harshly, leaving him on the ground. Bob held his heart, while hoping this madness would someday stop. Bob tried to get up, but was punched back to the ground.

    "Here Derek, you should use this. It'll be funny," another bystander said, handing Derek fuel and a match. Derek dumped the fuel on Bob, then lit him on fire. A big, hungry fire sprang up. The flaming fire ate at Bob's clothing.. The fire then subsided, leaving Bob's socks and his Pikachu boxers.

    "Ha! Idiot!"

    "Put some clothes on!"


    Bob's face lit up red with embarrassment. The next thing he knew, he was knocked out by Derek. People started leaving the situation and went to their classes, stepping on Bob as if he were a doormat.

    At 8M, Bob is crying so loud, even the whole house can hear it. It's worse then before. His face is very red, Bob has a major headache. Rick, Bob's younger brother came, and he knew why Bob is in so much pain. He sat next to Bob's damp bed and put his hand over his shoulder.

    "Bob, you need to move on. Your life can be better if you need to control yourself." Rick said calmly. "But it's hard to with all of these painful distractions!" Bob screeched, he put his head on his dry pillow. "Bob, you need to stay strong and to just move on. If Derek doesn't want to be friends, and if he doesn't seem to be a good friend, just do it.

    He's just another idiot that abandons their static friends for freedom. You need to stop being static and make new friends. I know that you have a problem, but you need to listen what people tried telling you. I'll be there for you Bob, no matter what. We're brothers, we are trying to help you, and I kinda feel bad about you having this problem." Bob then cheered up and hugged Rick.

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