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    Originally Posted by Zayphora View Post

    Any story that begins with a talking cat and an epic battle for holiday gifts, mixed in with LARP spear-wielding lunatics and some awesome continuity from your previous story is awesome. When it's Cuterline that's writing it? Epic. When the title is once again ridiculously lengthy? Epicer. When there is a possibility that a certain blue-haired doppelgänger will make an appearance? Even more epic. I AM EXPLODING WITH EPIC.

    I have been stalking the fanfic section for the past few days, looking for this, and you haven't disappointed me. WILL BE ANXIOUSLY AWAITING THE NEXT CHAPTER.
    Yes, I tried to capture what I thought would happen in Black City, the beating heart of consumerism, when all the shops were almost sold out - and I'm glad to say that I think I succeeded.

    As for our friendly neighbourhood talking wildcat... Well, there's more to her than meets the eye, as we'll see later.

    Thanks for reading!


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