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Originally Posted by Ryliam View Post
I'm interested in:
Powerful Tag Chandelure UT
Powerful Tag Lucario UT
Powerful Tag Ninetails UT
Powerful Tag Whimscott UT
JPN Kyushu Bullet Train ExtremeSpeed Pikachu UT (shiny)
Kokura Blaziken UT shiny
Strongest Milotic UT
Strongest Salamence UT
10ANIV Dragonite UT
10ANIV Latios UT
kk deal.

My best days would either be Weds or Sat/Weekend. If we have to trade another time then it'd be sometime between 3-5PM EST.

Friend Codes (Mainly Use 5th Gen):

WHITE - 2022 6408 0629
PLATINUM - 5329 7867 7289

Also have Pokemon Pearl, Platinum, and SoulSilver.
I even have a JPN Pokemon HeartGold.
However I rarely use my 4th Gen Games for WiFi anymore.