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    Lavender Vance
    Gneiss Town


    Lavender grinned and jumped happily in the air punching a fist up in her excitement at having caught the Purrloin. Though seconds later she just smiled softly and brushed out imaginary creases in her skirt and brushed a piece of her hair out of her eyes. "Thanks for the help Drowzee" she snapped sarcastically before returning her Pokemon and going to pick up the Pokeball that held her new Pokemon. "Lets go get you healed" she said to herself before turning around and heading back to the lab.

    As she entered Lavender smirked to herself and called out "Hey Rich!"

    Hearing another groan the man in question walked out and narrowed his eyes slightly. "Oh it's you, I told you when you chose your Pokemon, no coming back to get another, plus they're all gone anyway"

    Lavender shook her head. "listen Rich, I am not happy about my starter, but that's not why I'm here, I caught a Purrloin that needs to be healed so does Drowzee."

    Richard sighed extending his hand. "fine, but like I said before do not call me Rich"

    Lavender nodded still smirking slightly. "alright, Richard" she said handing over both Pokeballs.

    Richard nodded and walked away returning a few minutes later and handed her the Pokeballs. "There you go"

    Lavender smiled putting Drowzee's Pokeball in her bag, "thanks a lot...Rich" she smirked and left the lab before the man could form a response. As she left the lab Lavender called out her Purrloin and smiled delightedly.

    "Oh your sooo cute" Lavender squealed excitedly petting the Purrloin who purred happily.

    "Purr..loin, Purrloin" the Pokemon said happily.

    "I know just what to call you, how about Princess do you like that?" Lavender said grinning as Purrloin nodded. "Princess it is, I like you a lot more than Drowzee" she smiled and returned Princess before walking towards the entrance to route 17. It was time for her to officially start her journey.

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