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    Originally Posted by Zayphora View Post
    CRAP. I think I just realized that this story isn't going to include what I thought it would, and is instead going to involve one or more of these things-


    a. The fact that there is a CAT in this leads me to believe that this is some sort of crossover from the real world

    b. Bach's time machine in Opelucid, and the alternate universes involved in it.

    And has NOTHING to do with what I originally thought it did.

    In my imagining of the Pokémon world, there are real animals as well as Pokémon - with just Pokémon alone, there aren't enough to keep a realistic ecosystem going. Besides, that raises the question of where humans come from. No, my Pokémon world is our world - only with some superpowered monsters and five island nations shoved in.

    Basically, the cat isn't a crossover from any other kind of reality, and so keep hoping. You might get what you wish for - or something like it.


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