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    Originally Posted by Ach7AC View Post
    Yep, they're Denjuu. And yeah, I've been having the most problems with the outlines, see Fungus/Fangs for instance. Which is my main focus at the moment. I also notice that I seemed to have attempted to pillow-shade these sprites. I'll try scratching out a few more sprites without these flaws.

    This one's more of a comparison. The Fakemon here is Siccarkrow, which is supposed to be an evolution of Banette, a counterpart of Dusknoir, if you will. The left one was made when I began spriting from scratch, which is of course, hideous. The one in the right is more recent and polished. I feel like I need to improve the shading on the hat. Thoughts?
    I think it still needs a bit smoother lines - especially on the hat. They all do look a bit squished, too, you might want to make them smaller.

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