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I was wondering if someone could help me with these scripts. I need the Pokemon positions to change. I know that by changing what comes after Graphics.height changes the Y coordinate (I tried to add Graphics.width but it did not work). How do you change the x coordinate in the following code for both Pokemon?
def adjustBattleSpriteYEx(metrics,sprite,species,index)
  if index==1 || index==3   # Foe Pokémon
    ret=(index==1) ? -14 : -30
    ret+=(metrics[1][species] || 0)*2 # enemy Y
    ret-=(metrics[2][species] || 0)*2 # altitude
    halfY=(sprite.bitmap &&
       !sprite.bitmap.disposed?) ? sprite.bitmap.height/2 : 64
    ret+=((Graphics.height-350)*3/4).floor              # Adjust for screen size
  else                      # Player's Pokémon
    ret=(index==0) ? 96 : 112
    ret+=(metrics[0][species] || 0)*2
    spriteheight=(sprite.bitmap && 
       !sprite.bitmap.disposed?) ? sprite.bitmap.height : 128
    ret+=(Graphics.height-350)                          # Adjust for screen size
  return ret
Also I am in need of animated back sprites like to ones from " Ultimate BW Pack for Pokemon Essentials". However I need full animated backs, I don't want the ones that are cut in half. Anyone know where I can find them?

Thank you,
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