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    Name: Aqua

    2 Partner Pokemon: Starmie and Vaporeon

    Why do you want to swim with us?: Water types are clearly the best! Also, I love spriting, and the current challenge has me interested (; Water Pokemon are my favorites because of their looks and power, and I've probably used Surf more than anything else in the game... for good reason I think.

    Answer Current topic: Oh god... ermm... I think it'd be a bit of a cross between Arcanine/Entei and Vaporeon. Scaly for sure, with a long mermaid-esque tail, but maybe orange/red in color and with a lion's mane or something. I'm sure it'd know moves like scald, flamethrower, surf, and I can't think what else, but I think it ought to be banned from learning any ice-type moves. I hope that's descriptive enough, I might sprite it later!