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    Two households, both alike in dignity,
    In fair Verona, where we lay our scene,
    From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
    Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.

    — William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet


    After a long trudge through Route thirty-six and thirty-seven, Ethan took his first step into Ecruteak City, his starter Quilava rushing to his side. After a small sightseeing tour of the city, Ethan decided to examine the Kimono Dance Theater. Inside, he found five beautiful dancers, dressed in formal Kimono. Watching them dance, he also took notice of the Eevee evolutions that belonged to each individual dancer: Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Espeon, and Umbreon. Each Pokemon danced gracefully alongside their partner.

    Ethan's golden eyes shined and his mouth gaped in awe. It was truly a magnificent sight. This city was filled with culture, and the wonder and grace of these dancers reflected it. However, when a Rocket grunt came up and began to harass the women, Ethan was the only one to stand up from his seat. Defeating the grunt in a Pokemon battle, the crowd cheered him on. After the battle, he was called to the back by a strange man, who turned out to be the Kimono Dance Theater's Director. He was sitting in the darker corner of the building, in the farthest seat from the stage, where he could easily keep an eye on everyone in the theater.

    "You stood up to a gang member, and you defended my girls. I'm proud'a you, kid." The man's voice was rather wheezy, which was explained as Ethan quickly noticed the cigar between the man's fingers. He quietly just nodded to the Director, who patted him on the back a bit too hard. "Aaahhh, don't be modest, kid... You were the only one who challenged that Rocket. Now sit down, I'll tell you a story." Ethan, silent as always, gave him a rather awkward stare, before reluctantly sitting down, adjusting his hat in an attempt to distract himself for a moment. "This story is about Johto, a loooong time ago, about a hundred and fifty-three years ago. Ya saw that burned down tower, right kid?" After Ethan's gentle nod, he continued, "That tower burned a hundred and fifty years ago, give or take. And that's the story I'm gonna tell ya 'bout."


    He paused for a moment, glancing at Ethan blankly, who just looked more flustered by his stare. "Eeehhh... I need visual aid, gimmee a sec, will ya?" Without waiting for a response, he looked around the room, walking up to a wall and taking a picture frame down. Ethan was dozing slightly as the man came back to the table. He decided to use the table as he slammed the picture frame against it, shattering the glass and breaking the frame into a couple chunks; all the while, nearly giving Ethan a heart attack, and waking him right back up. The Director picked up the paper that used to be framed, brushing off shattered bits of glass and examining it for a moment.

    After cutting it in half, he placed the left half of the map down on the table for Ethan to see.
    After a good ten seconds of examination, the Director took the paper back, and began coloring over it with markers, speaking to Ethan while doing so. "That's the western half of Johto today, right kid?" Without looking up to see Ethan's reply, he kept coloring over the map. "That's where this story takes place. Of course, it looked a lot different back then." After a long silence, he put down the markers and gave Ethan a blank stare. "Gee kid, you're really quiet. Anyways, here it is." He slid the paper to Ethan, who then began to look all over it. He could faintly see the modern-day Johto map under the coloring. He examined the colored borders, which fortunately were labeled, because it seemed pretty simple for a map.
    While Ethan examined the map of Ancient Johto, the Director drew a thick purple line down it that seemed to split it in half. He put a lot of force into it, and the purple bled slightly giving it a fading effect. He let Ethan stare at the map while he began his story. "This was a time before Pokemon trainers, before capture, before technology... Ya see, there were two of those towers, before one burned to the ground. Of course, there was a reason for it..."

    This is the tale of two families. You could call them kingdoms, but in essence the members are much closer to each other than that, with each member of their family willing to die for them, and vice versa. Even though they don't share blood, they act is if they do. They treat each other like siblings, parents, children, and lovers... Anyways... There once stood two magnificent towers, lead by one family; leadership shared by a man linked to Lugia, and a woman linked to Ho-oh. They used to be madly in love, but after the man and the Lugia had accidentally caused a massive, destructive storm... They separated. The woman and the Ho-oh were so enraged, that they decided to attack the man and his Lugia.

    In the process, that tower was burned to the ground, killing hundreds who lived inside. Unfortunately, the three children linked with Entei, Raikou, and Suicune, were at the base of the tower when it collapsed in flames. Their deaths put Ho-oh and her human into a massive depression, and she was hostile and irritable toward anyone who interacted with her. She finally came up with a method for their resurrection. Summoning up all of her power, she erupted in flames, and reincarnated herself. Her ashes, known as 'Sacred Ashes', were sprinkled over the three deceased children, and they came back to life. Since then, Ho-oh and the woman treated the legendary beast-linked pairs with nothing but spoiling and affection. To everyone else, she treated fairly, though with much less interest. She was known to have a temper with anyone excluding her children.

    Ho-oh and her human link were exhausted, weakened from the reincarnation. Seeing this opportunity, the Lugia pair and half of their family took a retreat, permanently separating the family into two; the family of Sacred Fire, and the family of Divine Water. Lugia and the man he's linked to lead the Divine Water family to an island off in the ocean. He kept his three children, the trio linked with the legendary birds, Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno. Since then, the land was divided, and the families lived in piece, away from each other. Five years passed since the separation, and people were unhappy. A war broke out between the families, that would forever change the region of Johto...


    You will play as one of the members of either family. Each human is linked to a Pokemon at birth. The human and the Pokemon are born simultaneously, and from the same parents. For example, if two humans fall in love, their Pokemon links fall in love with each other as well. If two humans create a child, their linked Pokemon also create a Pokemon child. Humans and Pokemon are linked by fate. Born together, they experience the same emotions, at the same time. They are destined to die at the same time. While the human and the Pokemon act and think alike, they are different people. They can get along, or even bicker with one another, but their emotions will always be the same.

    Six players will play as one of the family leaders' children. Note that if you pick one of these characters, you will have to keep the following things in mind. This is also a very important part, so do not try to get a part as a prince or princess unless you know you will stay active in this RP. You have to pick the Pokemon tied to that character. If you're a prince or princess of Divine Water, your link is one of the three legendary birds. If you belong to Sacred Fire, your prince or princess is one of the legendary beasts. The leaders will be almost unseen from and unheard of in this RP, so you will often interact with each other, as well as the others in your family. Forbidden friendships and loves are possible, though you must accept the risks of this; your characters could be killed if caught.

    Each Pokemon can learn any move that their species is able to; without a leveling system or move sets, you go at your character's pace. However, strength is not only determined by raw power; some are strategic, some are quick, some are agile, some have a solid defense, some are extremely wise, and some have personal abilities. Attacks aren't the only strength a Pokemon obtains. Keep in mind that you don't want an overpowered character; every positive trait should mean that there's also a negative trait. Characters with more flaws than skills are very liked among roleplayers.

    Note that sexism will be a thick piece of the culture of the past. I don't agree with sexism, and don't think it should be endorsed, though in the past it was a serious issue. Sexism will be unallowed in the Ho-oh family, for obvious reasons (saying women are lesser than men in a family ruled by a woman will get you killed). Sexism might be somewhat common in Lugia family, depending on the type of character you create.

    On a final note, culture is deep in this era. Bowing is respectful, as well as treating others with respect. you should speak politely, and respect your superiors. Also, appropriate dress is something that should remain consistent throughout this RP. CLICK HERE TO SEE SOME FORMAL DRESS FROM CHARACTERS ON POKEMON CONQUEST. Do not directly copy any of the characters, please. Try to be original.

    1. This RP is Rated "T"
    2. Violence, and some blood, thought not too graphic, is allowed.
    3. Romance is acceptable and even encoraged. However, Don't go past the "kissing" phase. Also, of you want to create a child, do it somewhere it won't be seen by roleplayers. Don't include the actions of getting pregnant, but let it happen "off-screen".
    4. Language is acceptable, if not used excessively. Swearing can add to the dramatic effect of a character's speech, but if he/she just swears all of the time, that only makes him/her a pottymouth.
    5. Follow the basic PC Rules and Guidelines.
    6. No Godmodding or over-powering others. Bunnying is only acceptable if you ask the player and he/she is okay with it. This is used also when you have to be away for a short bit of time and don't want your character left behind.
    7. Don't do anything too drastic without consent. Consult me before doing something like crossing the border, making your character fall in love with one of the opposite family, or trying to form an attack on the other family. This will likely result in failure, and even give an even higher chance of death.
    8. If your character is killed, you are allowed to create a new one, by filling out another sign-up form.
    9. Each person will have one character, but the option for two is available, if you consult me about it.
    10. If you leave the RP, your character will either go missing or die, unless you ask me otherwise.
    11. Be respectful to each other.
    12. If you want to play a prince/princess character, you must be active. These parts are very important to the story. Also, don't let your character get overpowered just because they linked to a legendary. Everyone gets an equal chance.
    13. This is not a rule, but more of a tip: I would reccomend determining the outcome of a fight with a fellow RPer before it begins. Know who's going to win or lose, and how it happens.
    14. If you have any questions, ask me.


    I won't put any specific minimums for sign-up sections; however, I won't accept a sign-up unless I feel it has enough information in it. You are responsible for the depth of your sign-up, so make sure you've made your character thoroughly.

    Full Name: (If you're a prince or princess, your last name must be "Densetsu". This is the surname of both leaders, as well. You will refer to your leader as "Densetsu-sama" or "Mr./Mrs. Densetsu", out of respect. However, you probably won't refer to the leaders very much. Your name doesn't necessarily have to be Japanese.)
    Nicknames: (Affectionate or shortened names your character might be referred to as)
    Sex: (Male or Female)
    Age: (Your character can be anywhere between 11 and 40)

    Family: (Are you a part of Sacred Fire, or Divine Water?)
    Career: (Everyone likes to help their family. What does your character do? They could hunt for food, forage for berries, farm crops, go searching for medicinal herbs, provide defense for the family, or pretty much anything that helps your family out in a useful way.)

    Appearance: (What does your character look like? Include important details, such as eye color, skin color, hair color and style, as well as other features, such as scars or other notable features. Don't forget to explain your character's style of dress-up.)
    Personality: (What does your character act like?)
    History: (What has your character experienced in their life? Keep it mostly to important details.)

    Skills: (What is your character good at?)
    Flaws: (What are his/her imperfections?)
    Weapon: (What does your character use? It could be a bladed weapon, blunt object, or even some form of magic, as long as it isn't overpowered.)

    Pokemon: (Who is your character's Pokemon link?)
    Pokemon Name: (What is the Pokemon named?)
    Pokemon Personality: (How does the Pokemon act?)
    Pokemon History: (Does the Pokemon have any personal experiences leading up to the RP beginning?)
    Pokemon Specialty: (What is the Pokemon good at?)
    Pokemon Flaws: (What makes your Pokemon flawed?)

    Proof of Reading: (Prove to me that you actually read the post)

    Anything Else: (Anything other than this that you'd like to add?)


    Bold means Accepted Character
    Italic means Possibly Gone?
    Underline means NPC (No Player)

    Sacred Fire
    • Entei - Hikari Densetsu (PinkSapphire)
    • Raikou - Kim Densetsu | NPC
    • Suicune - Masashi Densetsu (NightOfRemorse)
    • Eevee - Icarus Uprising (ShinyDiamond)
    • Vulpix - Kita Okata (machomuu)
    • Togepi - Sakuya Haibara (~Genevieve~)
    • Dusclops - Masahiro Tashimata (heretostay123)
    • -
    • -

    Divine Water
    • Articuno - Tsurara Densetsu (WolfOfEve)
    • Zapdos - Adeline Densetsu (NightOfRemorse)
    • Moltres - Seraphina Densetsu (~Genevieve~)
    • Zorua - Kitsuko (WolfOfEve)
    • Luxray - Mitsuki Kitsune (PinkSapphire)
    • Gardevoir - Kitai Hikari (juniebug910)
    • Chikorita - Minoru Kawaguchi (Anglican)
    • Yamask - Shiryo Maboroshi (Koyan)
    • Gallade - Torgaz Zheik (Garet)