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Originally Posted by Mew~
I felt like Puck got zero development throughout the whole of glee
What? Out of all the characters he's one of the most developed characters. Although this episode was a small step back for his character. But otherwise he's an extremely developed character.

MY THOUGHTS ETC Copied from Gleeforum again;

I'm SO late with this gosh!!

Things I enjoyed;

- The Jacob/Brittany fight. o m f g that was just too funny and it was perfection and omg.
- Unique's 'Gurl' line.
- Heather's acting.
- Kiki
- Sam and Brittany scene help me please
- The Brochel scenes. n____n BECOME OFFICIAL ALREADY
- Lack of Klaine
- Darren (CALL THE NEWS PEOPLE) and Kevin during Boys/Boyfriend, not vocally (for either tbh it was just a flop) but they were cute.
- Jake/Puck scene. This was really unexpected for myself as I literally started crying when I heard Mark's voice. IMAGINE WHEN THEY SHOW CORY, AMBER, HARRY ETC I WON'T STOP AND THEN DIANNA OH GOD.
- The Jake/Marley/Mama Rose/Karofsky & Azimio 2.0 scene. I couldn't stop laughing when Jake threw that guys face into the food omfg.
- The Womanizer dance. HELLO NEW WORKOUT TBH.
- Kitty being a ***** again i love u so much
- Brittany trying to shave her head and Unique's scream.
- Rachel/Cassandra scenes. I didn't like how Cassandra was like 'i'm doing this for your own good' WHY THEY COULD HAVE HAD A REALLY ***** OF A TEACHER. But Lea and Kate's acting was flawless and I'm pretty sure there was sexual tension during the stretching.
- Gimme More omfg.
- The Everytime scene. Brittany staring at her computer and omfg Santana not coming online and she has a folder called 'Santana' and omfg k i l l m e.

Things I didn't like;

- The fact that they let Brittany go along with the lip syncing stuff. If Blaine is 'the new rachel' he should have acted like her and put his foot down. Rachel would have never let this happen. v_v
- Jake riding a Scooter. I mean just what. Where I live only like 6-10 year olds ride them. Skateboard anyone?
- The fact that all this Jake being a badass nonsense could have been stopped if Will had just said yes during his audition.
- Crazy / (You Drive Me) Crazy scene. As much as all that walking looked like super hard choreography the song was just boring.
- Kitty not actually singing like Ryan said. She just sang with the Cheerios during Hold It Against Me
- Circus, I Wanna Go, Till the World Ends and If U Seek Amy not being used (this isn't the episode but i'm so pissed about it)

Overall it was good, for a tribute episode.


Next weeks episode will be Sarah Jessica Parker's episode and it will feature Brody and Rachel tackling 'A Change Will Do You Good' by Sheryl Crow and then in episode 4 it will have Brody and Rachel singing 'Give Your Heart a Break' by Demi Lovato.

Finchel will break-up for good and they will no longer be endgame BROCHEL4EVER. Finn also gets a new girlfriend in the future.
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