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Originally Posted by myrrhman View Post
Right, but you said if they lose a lot, teach them support moves. What if they evolve and then start losing? Do I have to delete the strong moves for weaker ones?

First update: The theme of my "main" team is going to be SNSD.
  • Began game and named myself A (the boy)
  • Saved Birch with Sica, the Female Torchic
  • Beat May
  • Caught Yuri, the Female Poochyena
  • Caught Taengoo, the Female Ralts
  • Beat the Aqua Grunt
  • Caught Sooyoung, the Female Tailow
  • Sica Evolved!
  • Beat Roxanne
  • Beat Aqua Grunt/Saved Peeko/Got Pokenav
  • Got Cut
Then yes you teach them supporting moves. Might as well do my update here.
  • Started game as boy named myself Ameer
  • Choose Treeko and named him Leaf
  • Caught Wurmple name her Beauty
  • Evolved Beauty into a Cascoon. Was disappointed. Released her because she would have a better life in the wild.
  • Caught Psy(O-O-O-O Oppa Gangnam Style!) the Ralts
  • Caught another wurmple named him Fly
  • Fly evolved into another Cascoon. Released him
  • Was going to teach Psy 3 supporting moves but sadly I had no tm's. (I'm not using any except rock tomb and steel wing until the battle frontier.)
  • Beat Roxanne
  • Caught Aron named him Steel
  • Trained everyone to level 20. Psy evolved.
  • Trained everyone to level 30 Psy evolved again. :p
  • Beat Watson. Caught a Skarmory(Wing). Trained him to level 30 and went to battle Flannery.
  • Beat Flannery. Trained everyone to level 35 except Leaf, he went to 36 and evolved. Steel refused to evolve went to the game corner and taught him double team (Can't think of any other supporting moves at this point in the game)
  • Beat Norman went to Lilycove bought Protect. Taught it to Steel.
  • Trained everyone to Level 40. Steel evolved.
  • Caught a Vulpix named her Pix. Trained her to level 40 and evolved her. Went to name her Luxtails. (Spot the connection to my name)
  • Beat Winona
  • Beat Team Magma and Aqua. Psy started to complain about all the wild pokemon appearing.
  • Went to buy Max Repels to make Psy happy.
  • Beat Tate and Liza on my first try. I myself almost fainted but my pokemon were fine
  • Ran into Maxie and Tabitha (Leaf: Must not laugh at girls name on a guy)
  • Caught Light Wave the Chinchou
  • Trained everyone to level 45
  • Beat Jaun. (Damn his kingdra and double team)
  • Beat Wally [Double Team should be banned on in game rivals and gym leaders) and got through victory road and in the process if training everyone to level 50
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