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PokèCommunity Singing Contest ☆
brought to you by dragonomega & impo

Welcome to the Pokècommunity 10th anniversary get-together singing contest. Think you have the best voice of our time? Wanting to give Mariah Carey a run for her money? Or just want to show that you can sing? If so, just enter this wonderful contest! n_n


☆ Do not steal someone else's work and claim it as your own.
☆ You can change your song during the competition, however when it ends the song you have now will be your entry.
☆ When using a backing track do not have any main voices on it, only have back-up singers
☆ You do not have to use backing tracks, you can use your own arrangements.
☆ No bashing anyone else's vocals.
☆ Don't sing anything that isn't in your vocal range, this isn't really a rule but don't try and go for something you know you cannot do.
☆ Attach your file to your post, I'm not too good with file extensions but irrc the ones best to use are; WAV, MP3 and MP4. Sites like Soundcloud are allowed, too. (i'll have to get another word on this )
☆ Make your first post your entry post. After that you may do your 'omg so good' etc posts.
☆ Don't post if you're not entering. Please.
Don't rap
☆ No parody entries. They belong in the parody event ->


☆ Judging will be done by myself and Impo and it will be a simple judging system. At the end of the competition myself and Impo, along with another judge who shall remain nameless for now. n_n We will each score you out of 10 and then add up the points. The top 3 will be crowned the winners. If a tie occurs, the two who have tied (or three or more or w.e) will have to participate in a 'sing-off' or you can just forfeit but I'd rather you enter another song and fight!!


☆ ~Kawaii~ / Believe - Cher / Here!
☆ -ty- / Someone Like You - Adele / Here!
☆ Bluerang1 / Some Nights - fun. / Here!
☆ EvilSkittles / Praise You with the Dance - Casting Crowns / Here!
☆ Zeffy / TBA - TBA / NA
☆ Kirozane / Goodbye / Here!
☆ Forever / Days and Weeks - Nica / Here!
☆ Gunnerpow7 / Good Time - Owl City [Feat. Carly RJ] / Here!
☆ Olli97 / Fact-Fiction - Mads Langer / Here!


1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place

Emblems will be up soon. I just haven't gotten around to it.
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