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    Hah, yea, T&T was the best Phoenix Wright Game of them all - hands down. Everything about that game was just... amazing. Even if you're not a Phoenix Wright fan, I'd recommend you to play that game anyway. <3 Playing as Mia was also really great - there should be more games where you play as more lawyers / prosecutors other than Phoenix Wright, y'know? I wouldn't mind a squeal to Apollo Justice (if they ever consider making one). If you've played AAI 2, it's also a really amazing game. I'll say why in spoilers (for the sake of those who want to play the game, but do not want spoilers to it):

    Because you can play as Miles Edgeworth's dad! And there's so much drama when Kay lost her memory and Edgeworth turning down his prosecutor badge... it's a pretty amazing story.

    My favourite character? Of course it's Ema Skye - young Ema Skye though. (when she was 15-18). 25 year old Ema Skye is also pretty cool, but she's a downer at times, imo. Gumshoe is also a favorite; like, how can someone NOT like Gumshoe? He's like one of those fictional characters where you can't hate him n matter what~ Uhhh, other favorites include Angel "The Cough up Queen" from Ace Attorney case 5, since she's kind of quirky with lunchboxes and everything, also the Fey family (and yes, that means Maya, Pearl, Mia, Morgan and Misty) because their storyline with the feud is just fantastic. Miles is also a cool guy, and so is Apollo, Phoenix and Klavier.

    Least favourite... normally, I'd say "Matt Engarde" because (and I'll put this in spoilers for those who haven't completed JFA):

    he's a douche, and not that 'he's a douche but you love him anyway' thing, he's an actual douche when you've find out his secret about Celeste and Juan and Shelly de Killer

    But, nowadays my least favourite would have to be Richard Wellington, because he's... just, ugh, I can't stand his stuck-up demeanor.

    By the way, in AA5 news, if you didn't see from September 20th, there's more AA5 screenshots!

    Also, there's a neat video where they are showcasing AA5 here (click!)

    Or right here if you don't want to see the full version of the capcom show.

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