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    Yeah, I agree with NikNaks, your role still isn't clear. I don't think you can be a project leader if you do not even know how the role of everyone else works. You don't know how to program, so how are you going to tell a programmer what to do? You can't simply tell him to program something. If you tell him to program a battle engine, he'll take 3 months to finish, and it won't be good. Why? Because you won't be giving him enough direction. I doubt you have a Game Design Document that lists what methods the programmer should make for the CPU and what variables he should have for the RAM and what possible problems he could run into while writing all of his code.

    Quite frankly, your story idea is not that great either. Reincarnation? Cyborgs? This is not Pokemon at all.

    My advice - if you want to make a Pokemon game, learn how to do it yourself, by yourself, for yourself. Like my good ol' friend NikNaks said, no one is going to nor able to help you. Start learning how to use Unity by yourself. Only you have your own mind. You're the only one who's able to create your own vision.