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I have recently started a monotype challenge in SS and I'm planning one for Pearl also. I was hoping to get some opinions and see what you guys think. I'm not planning on being competitive with these so I'm not too worried about natures or Evs or anything and I have no qualms about trading pokes over.

SS (Poison)

Nidorino - Double Kick, Strength, Thunder, Dig

Golbat - Fly, Pluck, Confuse Ray, Bite

Stunky - Flamethrower, Rock Smash, Shadow Claw, Headbutt

Haunter - Shadow Ball, Confuse Ray, Shadow Punch, Sucker Punch (Will change moves ASAP)

Tentacool - Surf, Poison Jab, Toxic Spikes, Water Pulse

Beedrill - Pursuit, U-Turn, Cut, Toxic Spikes

I'm planning on replacing Beedril with ivysaur/venosaur at some point soon and I'm going to evolve both Nidorino and Haunter very soon also. I know they all have HMs but I sometimes enjoy using only a very small team with no HM slaves.

Planned Fighting

In pearl I'm planning to go through with fighting types since there are a large number of gyms who will struggle with them and because I rarely use the fighting type with the exception of Lucario. So the final team I have planned is something like this.


Does that sound good?