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    Name: Joshua Darren

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17

    Godly Parent:Zeus

    Appearance: Josh has short, black hair with various yellow streaks. He has a broad chest and is fairly muscular. He is 5'4", and so, is about average height. He has the beginnings of a beard, which he plans to grow out.

    Weapon: Josh generally uses a lightningbolt-shaped sword, but is proficient with a large majority of weapons. He can send currents of electricity through any conductable metal, and is a bit faster than the average demigod.

    Personality: Josh is a socialite, and cannot stop himself from attracting attention. He is prideful in his power, yet knows not to overstep his bounds. He will show off if he feels left out, and generally likes to be near the top. He will try his hardest to be fair, but sometimes is a bit selfish. Josh generally is a funny person, and tries to keep his group's spirits high. He uses his wittiness a bit too much, though, and it has gotten him into trouble he could have avoided. He will taunt his foes, and will crack jokes even when faced with death.

    History: Josh grew up in the large town of New Orleans. He lived an average life, on the higher end of society. He went to a private high school, and made a few good friends. He learned many things about Ancient Greece, and it soon became his favorite subjects, even though the teacher gave him hell for his ADHD. He also found it reasonably hard to read most books.

    One day, Josh was in the school's library, when the librarian walked up to him, she to had goat legs, and she asked him about his lineage. Only able to recite his mother's wide of the family, he went with the excuse that his father had died. A few weeks later, he was attacked by a group of hoodlums, and it was then that his powers blossomed. Wielding his newly found electricityand a strange shaped sword he had found in the gutter, he killed them, with the help of Ralax, later to find that they were Minotaurs. In a dream the following night, he saw a man with a large, billowing beard that proposed himself as Josh's father. Remembering some of the Greek myths he had read about Demi-gods, he knew that he was "speaking" to Zeus, king of the Greek Gods.

    Soon after the incident, his mother sent him to a summer camp, where he met Sylvester, who was apparently a goat person that called himself a satyr. He explained many things about the immortal world, and went in depth with his connection to Ralax. Soon enough, he was off to Camp Half-Blood. Hejaz been present for nearly three years now, and knows most of the regular campers.

    Pokemon Link:
    -Species: Luxray
    -Name: Ralax
    -Gender: Male
    -Personality: Ralax is calm and composed, thinking of himself as higher than other Pokemon Links. He demonstrates this in many different displays of prowness and skill. He is prideful, but also very strategic. He often plans out an entire battle before it even happens, helping Josh, who is a horrible strategist.
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