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    As Bob cowardly sprinted from the demolished house, the police cars dashed as they were targeting Bob like if he was robbing something. Bob's excruciating pain from the cast is wearing him down, so he leaped to a bush, concealing himself like a Trapinch as he glances them not being able to find him. Bob spotted a paper on a pole that said: "Wanted. Rock Monster, if you seen this violent monster, the reward is 5,000 dollars."

    Bob was astonished by the paper, then he flees away from the bushes. As he tries to go to his house, 2 kids saw him run there.

    "Rock Monster!"

    "Die, you villain!"

    The kids grabbed multiple rocks and tossed it at Bob like it was 70% precipitation of Hail.

    "STOP! PLEASE, LEAVE ME ALONE!" The kids didn't comprehend on his pleading like if he was a bug and they continued to blast rocks on him. Bob was about to lose his temper, but the strain of the cast weakened him. Then he quickly ran to his home.

    When Bob was thinking of how he caused loss of trust to everyone due to the cast and how he caused collateral damage to every place he touches like if he were an alien, he though that apologizing to Derek will be the right decision. He then tries to rip off the armor, but it's unable to not let hold of him.

    "What should I do? I can't be like this." The day after that during Recess, Bob spotted Derek all by himself. He ran to him and when Derek saw Bob, still in the armor, he groaned while he slapped his face with his hand.

    "Derek, I'm sorry for trying to kill people. I was mad at you and the others for this cast. I can't seem to get it off. It's too tight because my skin is starting to be a part of it now. I was also sorry for how--"

    Multiple people walked to Bob and Derek, feeling agitated with their teeth clenched and their eyebrows showing that they mean business. When Bob saw them approaching to him, his heart sank to the drain, causing excruciating pain to his chest.

    "Hey Bob." Beck said.
    "Uh.... Beck...... Why are there 100 people with you?"

    Beck stomped the ground, breathing menacing like a tiger. "We are here because of how YOU ALMOST KILLED MY FRIEND FROM SCHOOL! Really, why did you chase him!? Can you control your anger!? He's sent to the hospital! His legs are cut off! Your cast addiction has got to go to the garbage!"

    Bob shivered very strong. "I'm sorry, really."

    "Sorry, SORRY!? How are you sorry if you made us get injuries at our palms!?" Beck showed his palm, heavily scarred, shocking Bob.

    Bob then became extremely annoyed. "You were the ones that made your arms hurt. You threw rocks at me and it got it back to you. And shut your face and move on. I'm----" The strain from Bob's cast is wearing down his arms and legs.

    "I'm....... I'm...." Bob slowly walked to Derek like if he were a zombie. Feeling annoyed, Derek strongly gripped Bob's head and threw his whole body to the pole of the flag. Bob was extremely injured as blood seeped out as fast as a river current.

    "Guys, he's sorry! He really means it! If you don't believe me, tell BOB! Don't injure him!" Derek pleads.

    "We can't trust Bob. Look how he destroyed my friend's house. He's a monster because of that "thing" taking over him. He's in "LOVE" with it. And he could do it to others. Look at his eyes."

    Beck walked to Bob. He grabs his head, and squeezes it, causing excruciating pain. "AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" "SHUT UP!" Beck then threw his whole body to the ground very fast, causing dust to fume across the area.

    Tears and blood erupted out of Bob's eyes. *cries* Then he turns to Derek, trying to say something.

    "De..... der...." Bob is painfully saying like an elderly man.

    "Bob, don't..... don't die! Tell me what you are saying! Please, don't die! You are my best friend! I understand how you feel sorry! You can't die here!" Derek screamed while crying.

    Tears came out of Bob as he sees this reaction. He slowly got up and walked to Beck.

    "Be........ ck." Bob said.

    "Oh no, is it when you go off on me? Oh I'm so scared." Beck is annoyed. Bob attempts to punch and thrash Derek, but he fell down on him. Beck fell down with the weight of a car crushing his bones.

    "You see! He's not sorry! He went off on me! Attack him!" Beck said angrily.

    One by one, numerous people tried to attack Bob, due to this, numerous dents start to become visible from Bob's cast. Bloods spurts out of his back when a person used a razor on it. "AHHHHAHHHHH!!!!!" Then he was slammed by a football player, being crushed by him and the concrete wall of the school. Bob then lost consciousness as he stops hyperventilating. Blood seeped out very fast.

    Derek then started to cry. "Bob..... please... don't leave me! They don't understand you, but I do. You were meant to this world, and you don't have to leave this Earth! People don't understand how you are good. And I don't want you to leave me!" Derek then cried hard on Bob's armor.

    Rattling started to appear as people were amazed.

    "He's still not dead!?

    "Let's kill him!"

    Beck held them off. "No, he had enough." People saw as something was about to emerge out of the damaged shell.
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