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Originally Posted by miningmOOn View Post
Hi my name is adam "miningmOOn" scobie!
i come from australia and record/cast pokemon games
( )

. i plan on one day becoming big on youtube and be more known to this community! :D cheers
Hi MiningmOOn. Welcome to PC.

I see you are a proud Australian, well I am too!

So, what are you doing on YouTube? I hope it's something cool. Well, I have been a fan of Pokemon since 1999, and even though I'm turning 20 on Monday I still love Pokemon. It never grows old for me.

What's my fave Pokemon? Well, just look at my profile and you'll see it's Oshawott.

I recommend stopping by the PC Adoption Center where our team of mentors are waiting for you.

You can also contact our team of moderators and admins if you ever need help. You can find them here.

Also, if you ever need a little chat, just leave me a VM on my profile cos it's nice getting to meet another Australian Pokefan.

Have a fun time here and read the rules!

- Hikari10
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