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Episode 2

Lanna "Shut up!!! Go and have you mouth shout!"

??? "Such a little brat, gimme a break! The name's Paul, i got here with Ash's request!"

Lanna "Owh yeah?! So what, dumb loser! You just outta my way!"
Aster "Calm down, Lan!"

Paul "I don't talk to a brat loser"

Lanna "How dare you, flea! I will crush you to the end of the world!!"

Paul got Snivy and leave Prof. Juniper's Lab

Prof. Oak "You're really different from Ash you know! Ash maybe mad, but he don't fight with mouth, he ask for a pokemon battle"

Lanna "So he's Ash's Rival? From where?"

Prof. Oak "Sinnoh League"

Aster "Whoa! That mean i must defeat him too! So i can match-up with Ash <3"
Lanna "Oh boy!"

Prof. Juniper "BTW here's your Oshawott and Tepig~"

Prof. Juniper give Lanna a Oshawott, Pokedex and a pokeball.
Prof. Juniper give Aster a Tepig, Pokedex and a pokeball.

After say thanks to Professor Oak and Professor Juniper,
Lanna and Aster start their journey in the route one to Accumula Town! But it has one problem...

Prepare for Trouble...
And make it double...
To protect the world from devastation!
To make people within our nation!
To announce evil, for truth and love!
To reach the power of brilliant star!


Team Rocket blast with the speed of beauty...
surrender now or prepare to fight the truth!

Jilly "Isn't that more cool than papa James!?"
Jenna "Isn't that more beauty than mama Jessie?!"

Lanna "Hey freaking, i don't have money y'know!"
Aster "Yeah...outta our way!!"

Jilly "We're going to steal you pokemon, so just surrender!"

Lanna "Owh yeah????!!! Go Oshawott!"
Aster "Go, Tepig!"

What are they planning?
Who is the new team rocket?
Is Lanna and Aster going to win or lose?

To Be Continued

Thanks to Rambagos in Pokemon Stars
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