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    Originally Posted by dragonomega View Post
    A PS3 release of CoM and FM? With HD days scenes? CRYING OF ABSOLUTE JOY RN ;______;

    So is this just a Japanese only game? If so that totally sucks, I was so looking forward to an English release of CoM. ;;

    I came across this whilst looking into it; It doesn't actually 100% confirm anything but it's a flicker of hope, right?
    I'd say there's a good chance that it'll be released outside Japan. I don't know why it wouldn't- everything's pretty much already been translated. The most that would need to be done would be to translate a few lines of text at the least, probably do some voice work for the Days scenes, and MAYBE redub Sora and possibly Ansem's lines for KH1. I've also read that there was apparently some sort of hint towards this at in KH3D (I've yet to finish it, so I don't know for sure), so that probably increases the chances a bit.

    Plus, it's KH. They'd be missing out on a TON of money if they didn't
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