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Update time!

Player: Luigi-San
Game: Crystal
Badges: 5

Meganium (M) Lv. 38
Body Slam/Synthesis/Razor Leaf/Cut

Rocky/Steelix (M) Lv. 38 (OT: KYLE)
Iron Tail/Rage/Strength/Rock Throw

Vaporeon (M) Lv. 38
Shadow Ball/Quick Attack/Bite/Surf

Volty/Electrode Lv. 38 (OT: TIM)
Tackle/Rollout/Sonic Boom/Selfdestruct

Hitmontop (M) Lv. 38
Tackle/Dizzy Punch/Rapid Spin/Counter

Planning on filling the sixth spot on my team with the Extremespeed Dratini that you get from the Elder in the Dragon's Den.