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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
If you are refering to region lock, they are locked. If not can you elaborate on what you mean?
I do mean region lock.

English Black & White 1 games had a region code of TWL-IRBO and TWL-IRAO across all international versions except for the Japanese and Korean games, and both my NA imports of Black & White worked fine on my European DSi and 3DS Console.

I've seen an NA copy of White 2 have the region code TWL-IRDO. If this was region locked, then the ID number would likely have the letter E (for American copies) or P (for European copies) replacing the letter O. As so far this has remain consistent, then I think it's likely that they handled distribution the same as in Black & White 1, meaning it's probably region free and will work on atleast European DSi and 3DS consoles, regardless of where it was purchased. I had both an EUR and USA copy of Black and they were identical, bit-for-bit, had the same game ID on the box and even had NoA and NoE's name appear in the credits.

Japanese (and I assume Korean) copies will always be region locked though. They have their distinctive region codes (J for Japan and K for Korean).

I assume Black 2's English ID is TWL-IREO. This will likely be the same across all regions.
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