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Challenge Bowl '12

Ready to recruit and coach a team of your own? Then you've found the right challenge! It's the Challenge Bowl! 2012 edition! Cause Lord knows if this will ever happen again.

So, what's the gimmick? The REAL team is comprised of more than just the players. In this challenge, you will have to base your Pokemon off essential elements to teams and their fanbase. This challenge plays a bit like football as well, or any sport. Your gym leader and elite four battles are your "games" essentially. There will be certain game rules for these fights listed later. But for now, here's what your team should have:

1. Star Player
This is probably the only element of the team that's not strictly based on football (American btw!). The star player needs to be a Pokemon that represents your favorite sport. It needs to have at least 3 physical moves.

2. Cheerleader
This Pokemon needs to be peppy! It must have a base speed of at least 90 (if it evolves, the final evolution needs to have a base stat of at least 90). This Pokemon needs to know at least 2 support or non-damaging moves and 1 dance move or sound-based move.

3. Mascot
Pick your favorite team's mascot and pick a Pokemon that's based on whatever animal it is! If the mascot is something obscure like a pirate, try picking a Pokemon that represents it. For example, if your mascot is a pirate, pick a greedy Pokemon or perhaps Chatot.

4. The Band
Band band band! This Pokemon needs to have at least 2 sound-based moves or marching moves. Here's a list of moves:
Mirror Move
Haze ( college band)
After You
Baton Pass
Belly Drum
Echoed Voice
Fake Out
Follow Me
Heal Bell
Hyper Voice
Lucky Chant
Perish Song
Relic Song
Sleep Talk
Metal Sound
Bug Buzz

5. Fans!
Pick a Pokemon that you think represents you, the fan! If you'd rather not, pick a Pokemon that represents the fanbase of your choice of sport.

6. Sponsored by...
This is a wild card Pokemon. I want you guys to think hard on this one. This Pokemon needs to be special and make your team stand out and support it well. This Pokemon needs to have something about it that makes it totally unique to your team.

Now that that's are dem rulez!

1. As stated previously, your gym battles and E4 battles are your game season basically. There are few rules for them.
2. A max of 3 items can be used in a gym battle or E4 battle. Use all the items you want after them, though.
3. Do not save before these battles! If you lose the first fight, that counts as a loss for your season. You can go back and fight them and win, but because you lost the first time, it still counts as a loss. Say I beat Falkner and Bugsy my first time, but lost to Whitney, then came back and beat her to progress. The season standings would be 2-1.
4. X items are steroids and are not allowed. Vitamins like Protein however are nutritious and encouraged. Rare Candies are fine as well.
5. HM slaves are allowed.
6. Challenge ends when there are no more gym or E4 battles. So GSC/HGSS players, your season will be the longest.
RBYFRLG has 13 games
GSCHGSS has 27 (Red is included)
RS has 13, E has 14
DPPt has 13
BW has 13 (Alder is included), B2W2 has 13

7. Not necessary, but if you can, try to play on a game that's the color of your team.
8. Trading in Pokemon that aren't available in your game is fine. Or hacking them in, if you're playing on emulator. But if you're capable of getting the Pokemon in-game, don't trade/hack it in please.
9. Insert your favorite team in your sign up so that I know you've read the rules. :)

I think that covers it...anyway! Please have your final updates posted by October 31st 11:59 PM Central Time (GMT -6). If you win most of your season, you will get your emblem. :) Still have to make it though shhhh. ;3

Sign up form:

~Sia~ - FireRed
Ober - Red
Myrrhman - Red

Abra Kadabra Alakazam - Crystal - Buffalo Bills
Bob III - Crystal
pleryt16 - Crystal
DarkChibimon - Crystal

Team RSE
rpryor03 - Sapphire
Luigi-san - Sapphire - Buffalo Sabres
Rainbow Arcanine - Emerald - Cronulla Sharks
11wildy - Ruby
vaporeon7 - Ruby - Adelaide Crows
munchack - Ruby - Team Guadalajara (Chivas)
The Master Charizard - Ruby - Team Guadalajara (Chivas)

Team DPPt
jdthebud - Platinum - Seattle Sounders/Seahawks
Curious. - Pearl - Richmond Tigers

Team BW(2)
Sydian - White - Alabama Crimson Tide
phonastik - White - Dockers
-ty- - Detroit Pistons
Kenshin5 - Black - Oklahoma City Thunder
WeightyWillBill - White - Baltimore Ravens
squirrelfeet - Black 2 - Dehli Daredevils
TrollShammy80 - Black 2 - Seattle Seahawks
NecrumWarrior - Black

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