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Previous Update(s):
It's been a while since my last nuzlocke update, but I cleared out some roms and save files because of my acekard 2i was getting kind of full, the only saves I kept are basically the ones in my sig. For my roms, I just deleted extra copies. So, the point is I deleted my W2 nuzlocke data, and instead, I want to do this on Crystal again after my last failure. I'll post a pic of my failing team if I fail, or a winning team if I beat Red.

I'll also just do the 2 required rules, and that I have to kill every legendary.

I'll edit this later.

EDIT: I know this isn't an important update, but I am up to Goldenrod. I got a shiny Tyrogue from the Odd Egg!

I am training for the Elite Four, here are some pics.

When I feel like it, I'll attach my notepad file of my status, with stuff like deceased Pokemon, I'll probably wait to attach it when I fail/beat this challenge.