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    A few days after Bob was mutilated by Beck and was in a large sack, he quickly flees away from his middle school. He gets pointed at by anonymous people and got consecutively battered by trash as he sobs of how people treat him now.

    Meanwhile, an anonymous person poses as Bob with his physical appearance very identical to him.

    While he tries to be unnoticeable like a fresh zit grown out of a teen, he leaps down and snags cash from the restricted place the employees work at and things Bob heavily desired when he was 10.

    As he quickly dashed out of that area, a distress signal emitted out of the security system of Wal-Mart. A black, muscular police officer quickly takes a glimpse of this guy.

    "Oh my..... I WILL BEAT THE LIVIN---

    As the poser quickly enters Bob's abode, he noticed that Bob's not here. He quickly dashed up to his room and placed the theft goods at his room with Bob's signature.

    A while later, the police with their cars dashed towards Bob's house, picking up the signal of it. As Bob was watching TV alone, he hears a powerful blast coming out of the front door.

    He drops the remote. As he quickly dashes to the front door, he cannot believe on what he's just seeing. The police surrounded Bob at the living room and they are very pissed off with their hands crossed. For Bob, it's over for him.

    "Bob Martin sir, you are being sentenced to juvenal detention to stolen theft." The police officer said.

    "Wha....... wha.... what did I......" Bob then becomes scared and cowers to the wall, shivering like a helpless kitten.

    The muscular black man lost his temper and slammed the table hard like an medium explosion, astonishing Bob. "YOU ARE THE ONE WHO DID THE STOLEN THEFT OF MONEY AND REST OF THE WHOLE F***ING CONSOLES!"

    The police then grabbed Bob up to his room. They busted the door with a powerful kick and pushed his weak shell of a body to the theft goods.

    "Bu...... bu......... I didn't....." Bob whimpers, not only that, but tears quickly ran through his eyes, annoying the rest of the audience.

    "Don't trick us with the sad face. Just read the damn signature."

    As Bob saw at the box of an XBOX 360, he was horrified that the poser stole his signature. Wondering on what the heck is going on here, Bob pushed the man and ran out of the house to the backyard, crying of how it might end up for him.

    While the police officer is confused where he went, he was thinking about shooting him with his gun, but he thought that it's too harsh for it. This isn't the 1st time Bob hasn't been in juvie. The police officer then found a glass bottle at the floor, he then got an idea.

    When Bob was spotted at the fence of the backyard, trying to leap over. But he has battered by a glass bottle on his head, while the glass pierced though his bombarded head like a mosquito. He lost consciousness and fell out of the fence.

    As Bob woke up, he in a cell with 2 roommates, staring at him menacingly with they hands quickly shuffled, quietly giggling at him. Feeling very scared, he ran towards the bars. "HELP! PLEASE LET ME ESCAPE, I BEG OF YO-HUU-HUUU!!!!"

    He is in juvie. AGAIN! The police told the whole family of this situation. His brother cries hard with his face covered by his hands while his sister is laughing so hard since that he's gone since she doesn't like him.

    When Bob was told to work, he had to clean the whole juvenal detention with his bare hands for 4 DAYS. When he was extremely weary from hard work, he fell down.

    "You damn kid, get back to work you piece of s**t!" The warden yelled while he swings his arm at Bob.

    "No.... I've been working here for over 100 hours..... I'm so hungry and I'm very tired......"

    "So!? YOU DUMBF**KING PIECE OF S**T! YOU MOFO N***A! YOU RETARD! I HOPE YOU ROT AND BURN IN H**L YOU GAY MOTHERF**KING B***H!" as he yelled, sitting uncomfortably at his seat.

    Bob slowly tried to get up and leave, but his whole body has been chained to a big, brown, and round boulder. The warden then got a hold of the boulder, and tossed it at Bob.

    "AHHHHHAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" Bob fell down face flat with the heavy bound boulder on top of him as if he's some pack mule as blood seeps out as fast as a river current.

    Every single night, Bob has to get beaten by his 2 vile roommates and always get made fun of. He's on his bed, next to the window as the moon's light shines to his face. The tears erupting out of his eyes shined at him.

    He cries wildly, as he though of himself as a miserable, homeless kid who has no friends, whose alone, that has a box for a house, and gets bulled in a bad neighborhood getting beaten up.

    When 2 weeks had gone back, he was released. He ran towards his mothers arms, hugging her. He sobs wildly at her chest, feeling as if she's like a warm white pillow, hugging her very tight.

    "Dear dear. Don't worry, I'm not mad at you. My poor man......" the mother patted Bob's head.

    EPISODE 3:

    As Bob got released from juvie, he was extremely weary. He then tried to walk down the stairs to his living room, then he fell down from them and hit the floor. He then took a bus to school, and he then walked to the door slowly.

    Everyone knows about what happened 2 weeks ago. Some felt bad for him, some were laughing and pointing.

    "Stupid kid!"

    "Wow, why did he end up in juvie?"

    "Why would a kid steal cash and consoles?"

    "IDK, that kid is just weird like that."

    At Honors Algebra, Bob tried staying awake, but he fell asleep in the whole period as a stream of saliva seeped out of his mouth as fast as a waterfall.

    The bell then rung, and everyone just went to lunch. When his best friend was gone again since he has fallen ill, Bob just sat at an empty table where no one wants to be around him. He then saw the same bullies, but they are different. They are wearing a shirt called B.U.L.L.Y:

    Force 5

    They tried ways to make little kids humiliated. They now have stronger weapons, And they want to torture BOB. Once they went to him laughing very hard, Beck whispered in Bob's ear:
    "Go see us at recess Bob, it will be fun." then Beck giggled evilly.
    Bob just gulped. "O........ ok........"

    They B.U.L.L.Y laughed and then left. Once recess started, the B.U.L.L.Y members just grabbed Bob to Beck at the center of the playground.

    "STAY dog!" Beck said, while he pushed him to the ground. Bob whimpered as Beck left to get something out of the team bag. He then had a loudspeaker and told the 6-8th graders about it as he and the crew is at the center where everyone could listen to him.

    "Guys listen up!" Beck yelled with his loudspeaker.

    Everyone then stopped playing and turned right to him.

    "What the hell is going on?"

    "IDK, but they have really cool shirts."

    "Remember this guy?" Beck asked.

    Beck pointed at Bob. Everyone then looked at Bob, Bob's heart sank to the drain.

    "He was the one who got stuck in a sack, BY US!"

    Everyone was then shocked.


    "So this is the kid who got abused by Beck."

    "And this will get a bit exciting!" Beck said.

    Beck then grabbed Bob, and then he swung out a huge bat to Bob's back. Bob then fell down, as he keeps his balance by his hand. He is bleeding, and shivering with cowardice. He tried protecting himself, but he was then stabbed by it with a forceful jab to his stomach. He fell down, holding his heart, bleeding in a pool of blood, shocking everyone.

    Everyone was very shocked. They wondered.

    "How did they get these stuff?"

    "Wow, that kid's life is really messed up..."

    Bob was then shocked by taizer. He was weakened by it's strong jolt of electricity like if lightning had stricken him. He fell down as blood splattered out and it went on many people's faces.

    "Wha..... WHAT IS THIS!?"

    "Get it off of me!"

    And he was also hit in the head by a big bowling ball to the head. "AHHHHAAHHHH!!!!!" as he fell down and was holding his head while he's in his own pool.

    Then Bob was shot by a pistol 59 times. "Bo Bo Bo BO BO BO" the pistol makes as Bob's body quickly shakes as it happened. Blood seeped out very fast as light out of his holes.

    Beck quickly grabbed something out of his pocket, which is fuel. He slowly walked towards Bob.

    "Get up, you dog! NOW!" Beck screamed as he stomped his right leg. Bob quickly got up on his four limbs, shivering.

    (What now? Just get it over with! I had enough!) Bob thought. Derek then screwed out the top of the fuel bottle as it rolls as fast as an ant.

    "Sit dog, take a bath!" Beck then poured fuel over Bob's body, as the oily liquid slowly begins to harden, making Bob unable to move like a caterpiller inside a cocoon. Peopled ooed and awed as they were about to see Beck grab out the biggest artillery out of his bag, a silicon covered flamethrower. Bob's eyes sank as he knew that he was about to get hit by this.

    Beck slowly walked towards Bob, then he pushed the trigger. The fire was ejected out of the flamethower and it began roasting Bob's body very forcefully. Bob let out a loud shriek as he ran for his life.

    He cannot take this pain as he tries to endure the evil fire that roasting him to the core. Bob then burned everything, even the middle school. He lost consciousness as the fire dissipates from him. As the bell rung, everyone left from school. The principal saw Bob burning everything, he suspends Bob for a few weeks until June 21st. Bob cried as he's suspended for the last few weeks of school.

    As summer started, Bob had bad dreams, how would it happen? It would never happen if he never annoyed Beck in the first place. Weeks of painful dreams passed by and school started in September 8th.

    When cooking class started, Bob tried making pasta, but the B.U.L.L.Y put poison to it. Once his teacher ate it, she was sick and barfed out blood and food, then she was knocked out. F-. Bob was really sad on the result.

    In science class, he tried mixing chemicals. but he made the wrong solution. So the B.U.L.L.Y put the unstable one. F-, and the class was covered with so much of the solution. Bob still had bad dreams, will he get over it?
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