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What is/are your favourite Ace Attorney game(s) from the series?
Trials and Tribulations
Just because the plot was sooo good that I was unable to stop playing until I finished it @,@
And maybe because of Godot..
The first game was great, but Rise from the Ashes was a bit too long for me and annoyed me in a strange way :<
Justice for All.. eh, I just hate Franziska >.<
I liked the game, but my hate for her doesn't let me think of it as my fave >..>"

Who are your favourite characters?
Godot is my all time fave <3
It's not because I think of him as veeery attractive.
Ok, maybe a bit..
But really, his personality, the coffee addiction, the looks, I just love Godot @.@

Who are your least favourite characters?
Franziska, Manfred and Dahlia.

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What is your favourite truth-telling mechanic?
Well.. if:
Originally Posted by Alternative View Post
As for favourite truth-telling mechanic, does cross-examination count?
that counts, than I HAVE to say that cross-examination XD

If not, Apollo's Bracelet.
It was something really nice, fresh and fun. I remeber spending a long time with this, I was veeery bad at it >,<"
But it was fun xD

I always disliked the Magatama, it was just the same as normal showing evidence.. just with the Magatama.
When playing Justice for All after the first game I was like "why do I have to use this? o.0".

Sadly, I hadn't played investigations, so can't say much about logic or chess ._.

Btw. Can I join? :3

None at the moment, but Mac rules, just saying.