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    Originally Posted by Jellicent♀ View Post
    I actually have to sit and think for a WHILE before coming up with a name. I like odd names. Like Soren, Dahlia, Ba'al; junk you don't hear very often if at all. Idk why, I always think of, "What would I name my kids if i had any?", and then the ideas flow out.
    Depending on who it is, I'll name a Pokemon after a person if it's that person's favorite Pokemon.
    Isn't Ba'al a scary mythological demon? :3 And Dahlia sounds like a cute name for a Gothitelle.

    Originally Posted by Plumpyfoof View Post
    I'm sure I've posted in a thread identical to this.

    Anywho! I love nicknaming my Pokemon.
    My starters are usually something silly like my Sceptile, Gex.
    I also like giving my battling teams nicknames.
    They're normally pretty interesting (Wheatley the Magnezone)
    But for some reason I nicknamed a Kabutops, Mascara hah!
    Mascara; that is something I won't even attempt to question, LOL.
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