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The idea is to post a Pokémon that counters the other Pokémon that was posted above. Be sure to explain how it counters it and with damage calculations if needed. Please avoid posting Pokémon movesets that were used not very long ago, and try to post Pokémon movesets that are viable and make sense (but in some cases this doesn't need be followed). All posts are required to include a Pokémon moveset to prevent this from straying off-topic.

Definition of a counter: A Pokémon that can switch into the opposing Pokémon with little or no risk, and proceed to threaten a KO. Basically, a counter is the perfect switch-in to a Pokémon.

You can use the Guides & Resources thread for finding movesets, sprites, damage calculators, etc.

This thread is exactly that the same as the NU version, but with absolutely no restrictions. This game/discussion doesn't follow a specific tier, so you are not restricted to posting Pokémon in a certain metagame. That means you can post anything, even Lugia, Moody Bibarel, and Garchomp for example.

To get this started...

Mewtwo @ Life Orb
Timid nature
4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
- Psystrike
- Aura Sphere
- Fire Blast
- Ice Beam
Good luck, and try to be creative.