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    As Bob tried going to school, people are scared of Bob. They heard about how he got beaten up(cracks in the Pupitar like cast), they are too dark to see Bob's body, also how he beat up 4 teenagers like this. Bob's cast is a bit creepy(dark holes, how ruddy it is, and the eyes of Bob look like Pupitar's eyes). Derek then came to Bob, asking him about this cast.

    "Bob, do you think that you need to get rid of the cast? You've been in this cast for a month."
    "No way, it gave me protection."
    "Yeah, but you never took it off. And it's starting to get stinky."

    Everyone that smelt Bob ran away, screaming. Derek then walked away from Bob, because he's somewhat scary and that he's smelly.

    "Bob, please take it off. It's creeping me out. The mask like thing that's on the cast is giving me the chills. When you wear it, your eyes look scary and it looks like a decoration for Halloween."
    "No I am not. Ever since I wore it, people feared me. Ever since then, the hard blows I took made me have holes, which scared the heck out of them. Everyday, they run away from me, not even attacking me. Ever since then, I am proud of myself."

    "Dude, I don't get what you just said. And really? Wearing this cast to protect yourself? Obviously, I tried looking in your holes, and it's really dark. Which scares me. Even your eyes inside that monstrosity scares the heck out of me."

    "I don't get you either. Monstrosity? It doesn't kill people you know. Now shut up and I'll just go." Bob left, Derek chose not to be Bob's friend anymore.

    During lunch, people then saw Bob walking to lunch. He then asked for a Cheeseburger with a side of fries, the lunch lady then became scared and threw grease at Bob, Bob covered his holes, then he opened them and got his lunch.

    People then tripped Bob, Bob fell down, while his lunch is splattered. As he tried getting it, one guy stepped on it. Bob is humiliated. He then tried going to recess. Derek just ignored Bob. Bob then cries in public. People laughed at Bob. Bob then walked home without spending the rest of school.
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