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Thanks, but I only want 4 Pokemon so I can use HM slaves.
To be fair I will take the first 4. (also you can't get Arcinine in blue)
Starting now.

Progress of the game:
Chose Squirtle to beat Brock and as a future HM slave.
Lost to my rival Error, no surprise there.
Beat Brock.
Found a Clefairy in less than a minute, but I had no pokeballs.
Came back and again had a super quick Clefairy find.
Named her Clair.
Leveled up Clair in Mount Moon and gave her a moon stone at level 18.
Owned Error (rival) with Clair.
Got myself a Bellsprout and named him Barry.
Evolved to a Weepinbell.
Saved Bill.
Beat Misty.
Went down to Vermillion and absolutely destroyed the S.S. Anne. (it helps when your Pokemon are 10 levels higher than theirs)
Caught another Bellsprout for a HM slave.
Wasted 4 minutes of my life in Surge's puzzle.
Beat Lt. Surge

Pokemon Check:
lvl 29 Clair/Clefairy
Double Slap
Water Gun

lvl 28 Barry/Weepinbell
Vine Whip
Sleep Powder
Poison Powder

Sleep Powder and Sing are so over powered!
Caught 4 more Pokemon for flash.
NONE of them could learn it.
Went through rock tunnel.
Got to Celadon city.
Grabbed an Eevee.
Nicknamed it Shocktime get it? Like Jolt. Eon. Shock. Time.
Evolved to a Jolteon and at this point I realise that all my Pokemon use stones to evolve. That's so cool!
Completed rocket building and got a Silph Scope.
Got a Poke flute from that dude chillin' at the top of Pokemon tower.
Sent both Snorlaxes packing.
Went down to Fusia and got Milly/Staryu.
Obtained Strength and Surf.
Barry evolved to a Victreebel.
Beat Erica.
Milly evolved to a Starmie.
Beat Koga.

On another note why is Koga's gym filled with psychic Pokemon?
Completed Silph Co. building.
Beat Sabrina.
Beat Blaine.
Beat Giovani.
Fought Error for the second last time and swept his team.
Rushed through Victory Road.
Destroyed the Elite 4.

Well that was quick and now I'm all done.
Wasn't that hard as I had a couple awesome drops.

Here is my final team after the Elite 4:

Shocktime/Jolteon lvl 44
Double Kick
Quick Attack

Barry/Victreebel lvl 45
Razor Leaf
Sleep Powder
Take Down

Milly/Starmie lvl 48

And the MVP of my team:
Clair/Clefable lvl 49
Ice beam
Fire Blast

That's the end.
Signing off,