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you're going to have trouble switching into genesect. You don't have a solid u-turn switch in and every time genesect comes in on something that it threatens, it's a 50/50 as to whether it will u-turn for momentum or use move x to ko a pokemon. I think that swampert could use to be replaced on this team. It's a pretty useless pokemon in gen 5 ou anyways. It's really just set up fodder and due to lack of recovery, it has trouble with the hard hitting pkmn in bw ou. I think that running taunt sr terrakion would work pretty well here. your team lacks stealth rock anyways and terrakion in sand is a decently reliable switch into genesect. it also beats volcarona which murders your team easily. id run a set with taunt / stealth rock / close combat / stone edge, focus sash, max attack and speed with a jolly nature. this can work really well in the lead position as it allows you to beat deoxys based teams. you don't need healing wish on jirachi, just run regular wish instead. there's actually a lot more wrong with this team but i don't feel like suggesting everything.