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    Originally Posted by Plumpyfoof View Post
    Okay, so I have a question about driving in America.
    When you turn 15 or 16 or however old you need to be to get a license, do you require any prior training to taking the test? (I assume there is some sort of test otherwise that would be crazy.) Like driving with your parents for a certain amount of time? Or is it just "Ohai 16 I go driving nao?"
    It depends on the state. Where I live you must pass a written exam and complete 40 or 60 hours of driving under the supervision of an adult 21+. I'd assume that most states have a similar set of requirements.

    Originally Posted by MetalBisonCopter View Post
    I think that the age to drink alcohol should come before the age to drive a car, so they know what alcohol is like before they start driving.
    Many people do drink, illegally, prior to obtaining their licence and it has no positive impact on deterring them from drunk driving.

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